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Oscar Blandi
Oscar Blandi Jasmine Smoothing Conditioner

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I love this conditioner! Works wonders!


This turned my beloved bleach blonde hair into a head of soft, shiny, bouncy head of hair. It's the only conditioner that I have ever used that improves the health of hair the more you use it. My family loves it so much that I have to hide it from them otherwise they will use it all!

New York, New York


Love the Scent; Like the Conditioning


I had awesome results with the Jasmine shampoo, so I was hoping to have the same excitement with this conditioner. Although the scent is just as captivating as the shampoo, the results of the conditioner were just okay for me. Oscar Blandi Jasmine doesn't condition my hair quite as well as Pantene or Garnier Fructis. Still, it's a really nice product and would probably be excellent for someone with normal hair not prone to damage. Effectiveness After rinsing out the Jasmine shampoo lather, I applied a generous blob to my damp hair. My hair was already detangled so the conditioner didn't need to do that job. After a final rinse, I noticed that my hair was soft, but the frizz wasn't smoothed out as much as I'd expected. My hair felt moisturized, but didn't have the shine that I get with other deep-conditioning moisturizers. Scent Oh my goodness, this jasmine scent is a real treat. I enjoyed leaving it on for a few minutes to absorb into my hair, and the steam from the shower really brought out the fragrance. It's not cloying and doesn't stay forever, but it's just enough to make your hair smell clean and fragrant.

Chicagoland, IL


Oscar Blandi Jasmine Smoothing Conditioner

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