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Orville Redenbacher
Orville Redenbacher - Smart Pop Kettle Corn Mini Bags

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LOVE it!


Orville Redenbacher Smart Pop Kettle Corn is great. It's no different from regular Orville Redenbacher Kettle Corn, it's just in a smaller, portioned controlled bag. It's great for people like me who are going to eat the whole bag either way. It enforces self control when I have none! The Kettle Corn is deliciously sweet and salty at the same time. I usually prefer regular butter, but every once in a while Kettle Corn is a nice way to treat yourself and change things up a bit.




Perfectly Portioned Popcorn


I love popcorn, but I always have the problem of not eating the whole bag once it comes out the microwave.  This popcorn from Orville Redenbacher is the perfect solution.  Not only does it taste great, but it is already in the perfect portion size.  Each mini bag is only 110 calories and has only 2 grams of fat.  They make a variety of flavors, but the kettle corn is a perfect blend of sweet and salt.  Each kernel microwaves up light and fluffy and is coated with a sweet kettle corn topping.  The bags pop quick and evenly in the microwave in just about 2 minutes, and each kernel comes out popped.  The flavors of the salted popcorn and the sweet kettle corn topping makes this a delcious and healthy snack.  For once you won't feel guilty about eating the whole bag and you will love every bite of this crunchy treat.


Las Vegas, NV




This is so great!!! My daughter asks for pop corn sometimes when she watches a movie and before I always ended up with a lot left over but this is just the right size for her...very tasty too!  I highly recomend this product to anyone...specially MOMS! ;)


West Jordan, UT


Perfect portion, yummy sweet & salty taste, 94% FAT FREE!


I love these mini bags. They are the perfect single serving size. The sweet and salty flavor of kettle korn fixes my cravings. They microwave in less than two minutes. I can keep a few in my desk for a healthy afternoon snacking fix and have some at home for movie night. I feel like I love the crunch, it makes me feel like I'm splurging and eating something bad for me when really these are 94% fat free and sugar free.


Alpharetta, GA


Attention All Dieters!!!


These 100-Calorie bags are the perfect size, not just for snacking, but also because it's contents are pre-measured.  As a person who is trying to eat healthy, and who happens to keep a food journal to keep the food volume under control, I think these little bags are fantastic!  They come in more flavors than just Kettle Corn, and are filling enough to keep you going through your day on only 100 extra calories.  Perfect! Also, though my family doesn't mind popcorn, I'm the main consumer.  I try to eat it during my usual "snack time" and that means that I don't have my kids awake with whom I can share it.  Since my beagle isn't lucky enough to get any, it's really great to have a single serving size available, instead of a large bag that would just end up stale in a bowl on my kitchen counter. The only caution I would have is the same as some of the other reviewers mentioned--you have to watch out for how long you keep this in the microwave, as it does tend to burn more easily than other brands/sizes of popcorn that I've tried. 


Garden City, MI


Orville Redenbacher's mini bags do not cook very well!


Orville Redenbacher's mini bags definitely are not as good as other products I have had. The mini bags are so small that they burn very easily in microwaves.  All of my friends in college and have had the same problem!


Muskegon, MI


Orville Redenbacher - Smart Pop Kettle Corn Mini Bags

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