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Orville Redenbacher Popper DH05201


Orville Redenbacher's stirring popper by Presto Pop up to six quarts of delicious popcorn and make kettle corn too! The motorized arm stirs the popcorn as it pops for virtually no unpopped kernels. Built-in melter distributes butter over corn while it pops. Attach butter melter lid and flip popper over to use the cover as a handy serving bowl. Nonstick popping surface cleans easily. Base nests inside cover for compact storage.

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This is a great alternative to microwave!


I love this popcorn popper so much! It is a great way to make your own movie theater popcorn without all the chemicals of microwave popcorn. The only minor issue I have is cleaning. It isn't the easiest thing to clean, but if you let it cool and take the stirrer off, it can be cleaned with a paper towel or a dish towel fairly easily. You can make regular popcorn or kettle corn, and it comes with instructions on how to do this. I make my own clarified butter and use that instead of oil. Overall, I love this popcorn popper, and I use it at least a couple of times a week. Ease of Cleaning It would be easier to clean if the plate came off somehow, but I think that would be difficult do design. It's worth a very small amount of hassle! Ease of Use It is very easy to use, although it is a little big, so it takes up a fair amount of cabinet space. Totally worth it for me! However, if you have a small kitchen or don't have any extra space, it could be a problem. Durability I've had this popper for a while and have never had any problems with it. The lid/bowl still looks great.



Orville Redenbacher Popper DH05201

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