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Ortho Ready-To-Use EcoSense Lawn Weed Killer

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Ortho EcoSense Lawn Weed Killer: Conveniently Green


Living as we do in South Florida, in a community where lawn maintenance and weed control are the responsibility of the Home Owner's Association (HOA), I don't worry quite as much about weeds as I did when I lived on a large private property in Connecticut. But during the late spring/early summer when the brief daily downpours cause everything to grow, including the weeds between our pavers and around the borders of our planters, I like to have a spot weed remover on hand to keep our property looking good. There's only so much the HOA can be counted on. Over the years I've used several spot weed killers that woul do the job, but somewhere along the line I've become conveniently green. So if I can find a more eco-friendly solution to a problem that doesn't require any or significant change on my part, I take it. Ortho 24 oz. Ready-To-Use EcoSense Lawn Weed Killer is such a product. Available in easy to store 24 oz spray containers it relies on a 1.5% concentration of Iron HEDTA (FeHEDTA) to do the dastardly deed. Having a background in chemistry, I recognize this compound as toxic to a broad spectrum of vegetation, it's pretty safe in environments that are frequented by small humans and curious pets. It's also not toxic to surrounding grass (within reason). So, periodically I spray around our pavers and planting boarders on days that I'm confident that I have at least a 3 hour dry window. After 3 hours, the product is resistant to washout by rain. I try to do it as early in the morning as possible since we usually get our rain shower at 4PM here in Boca Raton, FL. **The Results** While I've use faster-acting, more aggressive weed killers, **Ortho 24 oz. Ready-To-Use EcoSense Lawn Weed Killer seems **to do the job nicely and I get to feel just a little bit better about myself. For an eco-friendly product, I find Ortho 24 oz. Ready-To-Use EcoSense Lawn Weed Killer reasonably priced an available wherever Ortho products are sold. I recommend it for applications like mine. Rudi

Boca Raton, FL


Ortho Ready-To-Use EcoSense Lawn Weed Killer

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