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Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc Ortho-Evra Patch

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Bled for two months straight


The ortho evra patch IS convenient. And it didn't give me any horrendous physical or emotional side effects as I have experienced on various birth control pills, but it was not side effect free by any means. However, probably the worst side effect was I bled for two months straight (using the patch as directed), which ended up causing me to faint in public (very embarrassing) and I received a mild concussion. The patch contains 60% more estrogen than other birth control methods (because it must pass through the skin) so if you are sensitive to estrogen, DO NOT use the patch. See if your provider can insert a low cost IUD instead.

Sylmar, CA


Top Choice for Me


I love the Ortho Evra patch.  I started it 7 years ago due to ovarian cysts.  I wasn't up for surgery!  Back then, it was newer on the market and perfect for forgetful people, such as myself.  It was recommended by my doctor highly.  I began using it (had never used anything prior) and did not have any side effects, common with many birth controls.  The patch is roughly 1x1 inch and flesh colored. As far as I know they do not come in various colors for darker skin tones.  You can apply the patch on your upper arm, shoulder blade, butt, or abdomen and simply change weekly for 3 weeks then nothing for 1 week.   Applying the patch is easy, but extra attention is needed to insure it sticks. I pull off half the backing rubbing that portion of patch over the area firmly, then slowly peel away other half, sliding my finger down to release air bubbles. Then press entire patch firmly down for about a minute. I originally placed patch on my bum, but that didn't work too well because of constantly sitting the patch would shift upward.  I also tried my shoulder blade, but couldn't apply it with enough pressure, and I didn't like it on my arm for people to see.  I settled on the abdomen and just apply low enough that underwear completely covers the patch (or else top gets caught on garment).  Each week I switch sides to avoid irritation. Sometimes the perimeter of the patch will itch a little and fibers from clothing may stick to edge (because patch will shift slightly due to body movements over the week).  Out of habit, I rub on the patch firmly each day to keep it sticking! The patch holds up fine in showers and sports/working out, but I do have difficulty when swimming because I swim almost daily in the summer.  If any of the patch is exposed above swimsuit, the water works its way under the patch to lift it up. You can buy replacement patches, but Ortho Evra is expensive as there is no generic yet,  so I would recommend covering patch as best as possible. I won't remember to take a pill daily and I don't want something implanted into me.  I tried Nuvaring on request of my doctor, but it was AWFUL!  Went right back to the patch after 9 months.  No baby yet either! There has been danger of blood clots, as with any BC, for the patch so speak with doctor to discuss your personal history and see if it's right for you!  

Calera, AL


The patch is convienient, but if you have sensitive skin beware.


I've only been on the ortho evra patch for three days and cannot say i'm impressed. It has stuck on quite well which is great, but there is a ring of sticky adhesive that formed itself around the patch which is less than attractive looking. Also, I should mention I have sensitive skin which probably is the reason the patch started to make my skin very itchy where I applied it. I think that if you are thinking about the patch you should try it, but just beware if your skin is sensitive. 

Swansea, MA


Easy, once a week birth control


With a hectic life-style involving a 2 month old baby and a seven year old step-son, the word "routine" is a long forgotten word in our home. Therefore it is nearly impossible for me to remember to take birth control pills at a certain time every day, and even if I could remember, chances are I might not be able to get to said pills at that time. Luckily for me, my midwives prescribed the Ortho-Evra patch to me after a failed attempt with the Mirena IUD. The patch has to be changed once a week on your "patch change day", which can be any day of the week of your choosing. You put on one patch a week for 3 weeks, and then on the fourth week you remove the patch for seven days. For me, the patch is wonderful, it doesnt cause mood swings, it is easy for me to remember, the adhesive stays on fairly well also. There are a few negative aspects, however they are easy for me to live with. One bad attribute is sometimes the area of skin the patch is adhered to gets slightly itcht. Another downfall is lint can sometimes get around the edges of the patch giving it an ugly dark border. These few bad things are definitely easy to overlook for all the good things that come with the package!

Sedro Woolley, WA


Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc Ortho-Evra Patch

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