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Ortho Home Defense Max Outdoor Granules

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Ortho keeps bugs out!


This "invisishield bug barrier" appears to help keep bugs from coming into the house.  I see less of them inside and maybe the ones I see were already in the walls and attic before I put the shield down.  The 2.5 pound bottle has a shaker style lid so the product can be dispensed directly from the container.  The directions are on the bottle and there is a picture to show how thick the granules should be on the ground for optimum protection.  Shake down a two-foot barrier.  This big bottle is supposed to go around "the average 2000 square foot home over two times" and it does go that far.   It kills ants, centipedes, chiggers, fleas, spiders, crickets, chinch bugs, earwigs and ticks to name a few.   It is important to keep this poison away from water sources and avoid runoff.  The product must be thoroughly watered in after application.    It is guaranteed or you get your money back.  Their toll free number is on the back of the bottle.   I would recommend you try Ortho Home Defense Max Outdoor Granules or the liquid spray version for inside the house to keep your pest population down.  However, it does not help with silverfish.

Pflugerville, TX


Ortho Home Defense Max Outdoor Granules

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