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Ortho Ground Clear Vegetation Killer

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Ground clear only killed the grass but no other weeds


I used GC about 5 years ago and it worked great! I used it this year and it only barely killed the grass an no other vegetation. I sprayed a second time and the results are the same. I will not go back to this product. I purchased Cornerstone Plus concentrate. It was very expensive and it did the job. Next I will experiment with salt, vinegar and soap to see how effective that is next year to save some $$$. Again Groundclear had minimum effect on the weeds here in Washington State.

Washington State


Summarize this product in one sentence.


I used Ground Clear regularly for years. It seems that for the past two years, it has not worked at all. Did you guys reformulate it? I actually thought that maybe the first year that I had poor to no results, I had gotton a bottle that was watered down or something. But the same poor results happened last year. I know that I haven't changed how I apply it, so I can not help but think that Ortho changed something.



Killed all the weeds and kept the gardener away!


Ortho Ground Clear has managed to keep my rocks in Sunny Arizona free from weeds.  Now and then a tiny weed will appear that easily pulls out and now the gardener does not have to visit.  I spent so much on having someone do the weed pulling that having this product do it and for it to last week after week has saved me money and time. I used gloves and covered my face because the smell is quite strong.  Weeds wilted within days and after about a week all weeds died.  I did the spraying shortly after the gardener had visited but he left a small area of full growing weeds.  Well he didn't have to come back to do them because they vanished!  This may cost a little more but is certainly worth the money because it saves your back and knees from pulling weeks or having someone do it for you. 

Phoenix, AZ


Slaughtered the Weeds, but Stained the Bricks


This season, moss has been running rampant in between the brick pavers in our back patio.  The weed killers that have been effective for me in the past are suddenly not quite up to the job.  I suppose it's because we've gotten more rain than usual this year that makes it tough for any weed killer to keep up with the moisture-loving moss that keeps emerging between the bricks.  I generally try to take the less-toxic approach to weed-prevention, but this time I decided to try something a little stronger.  **Ortho GroundClear Vegetation Killer** promised to not only kill bothersome weeds, but to keep areas weed-free for up to one year.  I'd be happy if it would keep them away just for the rest of the summer. In addition to the promise of year-long weed prevention, the label promised that the product was perfect for spot treatment.  What the manufacturer failed to disclose is that once dried, the weed killer leaves whitish, tell-tale spots on the brick.  **Ortho Ground Clear Vegetation Killer** was easy to use.  The trigger spray gave me a steady stream that didn't clog or sputter.  Still, since it's virtually impossible to spray a straight line between the bricks, I did get blobs everywhere.  The blobs weren't noticeable until the solution dried in the sun.  I'm hoping that they fade away or are washed away by the next rainfall. So far, **Ortho Ground Clear Vegetation Killer** has rid my patio of unsightly moss and weeds, and I've not had to reapply.  However, if the spotting on the bricks don't disappear soon, I'll come back and revise this review accordingly.

Chicagoland, IL


Ortho Ground Clear Vegetation Killer

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