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Orijen Regional Red Dry Dog Food

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one of the best foods out there!


Okay, i know orijen might not be the cheapest dog food out there, but it is one of the absolute BESTS. this is coming from someone who worked in a specialty pet store for 4 years. it is so great for their skin, coat, eyes, health, and overall well-being. it's made with the best ingredients. be careful though, because if your dog is anything like mine, he'll become addicted!



Orijen Regional Red is pricey, but really good for active dogs!


Orijen isn't the cheapest dog food on the planet, but if you have active dogs and would prefer to feed them a great quality kibble with very high meat content, Orijen Regional Red is a good one to check out. My dogs love the taste, their coats look great, they have a lot of energy and even do a happy dance when I open a fresh bag (I rotate flavors so they get a good variety). Quality of Ingredients Orijen is a Canadian company that uses meats and other ingredients locally sourced from farmers, ranchers and fisheries near them. That means that the raw ingredients are fresher. In addition, they are human grade (rated suitable for you or I to eat) rather than being the cast-offs that we don't think are good enough for us to eat (as poorer quality brands may use). I don't know about you, but if the government says something isn't good enough quality for me to eat, I'm not going to serve it to my dogs just to save a buck. There are no fillers like corn, wheat or soy - they use lentils, peas and chickpeas to add protein as well as carbs. Flavor Selection Regional Red includes Black Angus beef, wild boar, Alberta-raised lamb, heritage pork and bison. It's truly a carnivore's dream! The fruits and vegetables are also locally sourced from British Columbia.

Denver, CO


Orijen Regional Red Red Meat Formula 29.7 lb awesome food


I am the owner of two active dogs, a border collie and a heeler. I started reading about dog foods and decided to switch them from Science Diet to Origen Red Meat Formula. I am very pleased with the switch. I did have to do it slowly to avoid stomach problems because the Orijen is much higher in protien. Both of my dogs have lost weight since the switch which was needed. They love the taste of the food. This food is expensive, however I feed them less of it in comparison to the old food. I am very happy with the quality of this food and would recommend it to anyone looking for a high qaulty dog food. I trust the manufacture and am pleased that no ingrediants ceom from China. I don not have to worry about my dog food poisoning my dogs.

Fort Collins, CO


Best Dog Food Ever


I have always been a dog lover and always had dogs especially big dogs; Rottweiler's, Great Danes, and Mastiffs...so it was a whole new world for me when my four year old daughter decided she wanted a dog and it was going to be a Yorkshire terrier. I went from 150 pound minimum dogs to a four pound "dog." I will admit that it took me awhile to get used to him as a dog...he was smaller than any of my children were when they were born! He could tread lightly across the back of the couch and spring around like a cat or a jackrabbit. But the big surprise for me was that apparently these little dogs tend to be "picky eaters" and can have "sensitive digestion" so my vet explained to me....what?? I was used to dogs that could eat the tire off your truck and be satisfied and never puke. So much research and product testing later we have become a household that only uses Orijen's products and mostly the Regional Red. Our Yorker loves it and it does not upset his delicate system. As for the big guys...the love it, are healthy than ever and here is the really good news...it is expensive, but my big dogs eat half of what they were eating of the crappy sawdust filled food and they produce at least half of the poop they used to!!! If that doesn't say buy it, I don't know what does!!!

Tucson, AZ


Orijen has gone wild with Regional Red!


My dogs love Orijen and the Regional Red flavor was another huge hit!  It is definitely the most expensive of all varieties of Orijen.  I consider it money well spent.  I like to rotate my dogs protein sources, fruits, vegetables, etc.  I'd get bored eating the same thing day after day and potentially develop health problems from eating the same thing repetitively. Regional Red contains the following protein sources: wild boar, lamb, heritage pork, bison, salmon, whitefish, herring, walleye, and whole eggs. When I feed Regional Red, I supplement my dogs Glucosamine and Chondroitin.  (The levels aren't that high in this formula compared to other varieties of Orijen).  I have all large breed dogs, so the calcium to phosphorus ratio is always a concern.  Regional Red has a good balance for proper bone and joint development. On the downside, this is a very rich food.  If you have a dog with a delicate stomach, this variety may be a bit too much for them to handle.  Overall, I would definitely recommend this food.

Chino Hills, CA


Orijen Regional Red Dry Dog Food

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