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Origins Nude and Improved Foundation

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wonderful product, light coverage, makes my skin glow


I have been using Origins Nude and Improved foundation for about 6 years.  The product goes on easily, by sponge, brush or with your fingers.  It is a very sheer foundation that evens my skin tone, but does not make me look made up.  Does not clog my pores and lasts through my day. 

Telford, PA


Great if you want some light coverage.


Origins nude and improved offers nice, sheer coverage with an added bonus - sunscreen. Please note that I did say sheer - if you like a heavy foundation then this product is definitely not something you would be interested in. However, if you like light coverage or do not usually wear makeup at all, this might be just the product you're looking for. I use the lightest shade they have, which works great with my fair and sensitive skin. It stays on all day and does not cake or crease at all. However, it will not cover very big blemishes, so you will still need to use a concealer if you are worried about them showing. I apply this over moisturized skin with a powder finish on top. It evens out my skin tone and gives me a little glow. Beware, this foundation is expensive and the bottle is quite small. The good news is that you don't use more than a few drops for each application. Overall it is a great product.

Knoxville, TN


Nude and Improved gives great coverage, but is still light


For a long time I had looked for the perfect foundation. I don't really like wearing make-up, especailly wearing foundations because they all feel heavy. But, nude and improved isn't like that at all, and I can't really tell I have it on. It covers well, it light weight, and feels slightly heavier than a very light moisturizer. In fact, sometimes I would blend with my moisturizer if I wanted even less coverage that day. It doesn't smell bad, applies well with your fingers. If you want more coverage, apply with a brush. Origins has a huge variety of shades, and the sales ladies will help you find the perfect color for you. It is a great base for other makeup, and I still look nice at the end of the day. i wouldn't recommed it if you are trying to cover up a lot of flaws, such as acne, scars, etc. Also, some people just like a heavier base. But, if you like light to no coverage, don't have a lot to cover, but still want a little make-up, I think it would be perfect for you.

Berea, KY


Origins Nude and Improved Foundation

4.7 3