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Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Moisturizer

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not as great as I had hoped


I used to use the h2o plus moisturizer, which I loved. But after ordering 4 of them in a row, I wanted to try a different one. I found the Origins Make a Difference moisturizer and thought it looked like the h2o one so I wanted to try it. The scent reminds me of oranges, and it's more of a light cream. It's sort of greasy at first, but it quickly gets absorbed into the skin. However, I still only use minimal dabs at a time to avoid leftover greasiness. I don't know why it's listed as a moisturizer, because it doesn't really moisturize. I still see dry spots just seconds after I apply it. However, it has made my skin feel really smooth so I will continue to use it. I'm definitely switching back to h2o after I finish the jar though.


Diamond Bar, CA


I would bathe in this stuff!


I have been using Origins products for about 4 months and I am in love with just about everything! My skin is so fickle, that I can use a product for a week and it will work great, then the next time I use it I break out, or I'm oily or whatever. I still find that to be the case with most of the Origins products as well, but I can combine and switch things up and still get great results. I was using a particular cleanser designed to treat both the oily and dry parts of my skin. the oily parts are now too dry and the dry parts are just right. So I went back to Origins looking for a different moisturizer for the oily-turned-dry parts that wouldn't make them turn back to oily. The sales gal gave me a sample of this Make a Difference moisturizer and holy cow do I wish I could dunk my whole self in that little jar! This stuff is amazing!!! It smells wonderful. It's light and refreshing.It absorbs instantlyIt makes my skin so soft and feel so goodIt does NOT make my skin feel greasy or look oily. It's the perfect moisturizer!!


Crescent, PA


Great light weight moisturizer


I love the Make a Difference moisturizer from Origins! The jar is really pretty too. The color of the jar is a light blue/green.  I like that it is a light-weight formula, but it still moisturizes the skin very well.  It is almost a gel based product so it doesn't feel slimy or greesy at all. I use it after the Perfect World serum during the day. It dries very quickly allowing me to put on my foundation in just a few minutes later.  One jar lasted me about 6 months so it is a high qaulity product for the money. I noticed that I only needed a very small amount each morning in order to moisturize my face and neck. I use about a pea size amount daily. I also enjoy the smell of the product.  It is very fresh and clean smelling.  I like the fact that it has elements to reduce sun spots since I am in the sun quite often. I do wish that it had a built in SPF though. That would just make it a bit better in my opinion. 


Saint Petersburg, FL


Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Moisturizer

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