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Origins Make A Difference Hand Treatment

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Agree with previous review


The previous poster said my sentiments exactly. It is pricey, but my skin responds very very well. Finding a good hand cream product for my winter dry hands is almost impossible. For this reason, I am willing to spend any amount of money necessary for relief, and this product delivers. Smells nice too!

Baltimore, MD


Origins Make a Difference Hand Treatment for men too!


I am cursed with dry skin. Especially in the winter, my hands and nails get so dry and cracked-looking that it is sometimes embarrassing to shake hands due to the roughness. Now I'm not a guy that is afraid to shop in the cosmetics department by any means, but the problem I have had in this area is great-finding a hand cream that really works without smelling too feminine. I guess I want girly hands without the girly smell! I have used a few products from Origins but gave this one a try. Using the tester they had a put on just a little bit. And let me tell you that a little bit is plenty. This thick cream goes a long ways. Instantly I noticed a difference in the appearance of my hands. And the scent-while very nice, it wasn't too floral or fruity-just a nice clean scent that I felt I could pull off. The true test was the test of time-how did the skin feel later in the day? And I'm happy to say that my hands still felt great. This is a cream that really worked to make my hands look and feel better. No more shame in shaking somebody's hand! Yes, it's a bit on the expensive side for a hand cream. That's why I don't use it all the time-just more as a treatment to help moisturize during those drier times. But ladies, don't be surprised if your man ends up borrowing this from you-the scent is subtle enough that he can still feel all man using it.

Chicago, IL


My husband loves Make a Difference


I think that Make A Difference is a great hand cream. I usually buy it in October, so the proceeds benefit Breast Cancer research. It is heavy, without being too heavy, and does a great job at moisturizing your hands. My husband gets cracked, dried out hands, and now steals my tubes. i had to buy a couple for him for Christmas last year! I also really enjoy the smell, it reminds me of Origins' Perfect World line. I like to exfoliate with Modern Friction for the body, slather this cream on, put on a pair of cotton gloves, and go to bed. Try it! Your hands have never felt softer. The only drawback is the price, especially if you use hand cream several times a day. it would be easy to go through a tube every week or so.

Berea, KY


Great for Hands


I absolutely love the line of Origins products because everything is made with natural ingredients and is great for my skin.  I just tried this **Origins Make A Difference Hand Treatment **and it improved my skin appearance so much, it was unbelievable.  The treatment is thick and creamy so when it goes on it feels so cool and soothing to massage in and not greasy at all.  It absorbs quickly and has a slight scent, but isn't overpowering.  It helped make my skin so soft, I want to use it everyday.  Not only does it heal dry and chapped skin but it has also helped improve the appearance of my skin.  I am outside in the elements everyday, so I get a lot of skin blotches, sunburns and freckles, so this product has helped my hands not only feel better, but also look better.  It helps reduce wrinkles and protects in the sun.  I love how light it feels on my hands but still does an amazing job at improving my skin and preventing further damage.  This product is great for your hands and feels so good.

Las Vegas, NV


Soothing and Rejuvenating Hand Treatment


If you haven't found anything effective for treating your dehydrated and cracked skin on your hands, try this.  Concerned with ingredients?  It contains Rose of Jericho, skin-reviving Trehalose, and Sea Haricots to help damaged and dry skin recover from dehydration.  An ancient Oceanic Flora helps repair damage due to UV exposure and over-worked hands.  And Scutellaria Extract helps even out skin tone.  Whatever.....it works!  This product is not at all greasy, and chapped, cracked, and splotchy skin improve with daily use.  The wonderful velvety feeling is long-lasting.  It is pricey by drug-standard hand creams.  

Palm Coast, FL


Origins Make A Difference Hand Treatment

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