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Origins Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream

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Origins Ginger body cream smells fresh and nutures skin


I love this product. The scent makes me feel clean and it gives my skin that extra pick me up that I need in the dry seasons. I definitely think this is a must-have for winter skin needs. I recommend applying it right after showering after you have toweled dry. This will lock in moisture. Enjoy!

Milford, OH


In a word, perfect.


OMG, I love this stuff! I first heard about it on the Oprah show as she introduced it as one of her favorite things.  And... you know the old saying "If it is good enough for Oprah, then it is good enough for me..."  Well, she was right about this one (and trust me, I think she is wrong alot of the time too).  I really love everything about this product.  I love the texture of it.  It is whipped so it is really light and fluffy and it applies very easily.  It absorbs almost immediately--like it melts into your skin like butter.  It isn't oily or greasy or sticky but just perfect. But, the best part is the oh so heavenly smell.  Yes, it does smell like ginger but it really reminds me of a lemon parfait or lemon custard or heck, even lemonheads candy.  The scent lingers nicely too.  It isn't too sweet, but just perfect.  My only wish was that it wasn't so expensive--but then again, it probably wouldn't be as great either.

Rockford, IL


makes me feel like a diva


Okay, I'm a very thrifty consumer and this is not exactly a thrifty purchase, but it smells and feels better than anything else I've ever used, and it's worth the splurge when I can afford it.  It's also nice knowing that it's not tested on animals and doesn't contain mineral oil or other nasty stuff. When I do use another moisturizer that I've gotten free with rebate, etc., I can't help longing for this stuff.  Once I've bought it, I tend to save it for the weekends and use the cheap stuff during the week.  You can feel less guilty if you stock up when Origins has freebie deals and no shipping (often these days), and if you order through ebates.com, you get a percentage of your purchase price back.  My dog cries when I put it on...he thinks it's food he's missing out on, and he gets quite angry with me. I've been using this for years.  It's on my favorite list and a definite boyfriend favorite, too. 

Long Branch, NJ


Average Body Cream, Heavenly Scent


I originally stole this product from my mother, who got it as a gift but isn't a fan of most scented lotions and creams. I love the scent of ginger both as a perfume and as a stomach settler, so I was interested in trying Origins Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream. I'll admit I'm finicky about creams and lotions. My skin's never been particularly dry, although that's changing as I age. I hate that just-lotioned-up feeling -- a little sticky, a little slimy. I don't like waiting for creams to sink in. Anything I use has to absorb into my skin just about instantly. This cream seems about average in that regard -- it does leave me with a filmy feeling, so I only reach for it when I really need some moisture, but it's still light enough to be tolerable. The smell, on the other hand, is wonderful. True ginger, fresh and bright, with none of the desserty, sugary gingerbread that sometimes sneaks into ginger scents. Seriously, if you own this, give it a whiff and rub some on your hands next time you have an upset stomach. Ginger's wonderful for that, and this scent works as aromatherapy.

Marco Island, FL


A lovely body cream that is just right


This body cream is great. Not too heavy, not too light. The smell of ginger is just right, its not very overpowering. I love this product. A bit pricey, but it is really nice on your skin. It does not leave a greasy feel and its very refreshing.

Salt Lake City, UT


Origins Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream

4.8 5