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Origins Ginger Scrub

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Usually love Origins


I generally LOVE origins. However, this scrub was too strong for me and caused my skin to sting. I had to return it. The customer service was excellent and there were no issues sending it back for and exchange or return.

Santa Fe, NM


A little luxury in your shower


I've used Origins Ginger Scrub for several years now, usually once or twice a week.  I love the way it leaves my skin soft and smooth.  It's great for normal to dry skin.  Some of the salt scrubs separate and you need to mix them together each time you use them, but not this one.  It's reasy to use without mixing.  Do use caution in the shower afterwards, however, as it tends to leave the shower a little slippery and oily.   

Arlington, TX


Origins ginger scrub leaves you skin polished and moisturized


I started using origins ginger body scrub in college and was amazed in the fact that you do not have to apply a moisturizer on your skin after using it. Right out of the shower or bath you can just get ready, so it is like a 2 in 1. And for a busy woman or man it is just one less step to avoid each day. I really like how my skin feels so smooth and the scent is not over powering. Just an all in all good product.

Germantown, WI


perfect for the upcoming winter


I have been using Origin products for many years, acutally since the initially came into the market. I adore the entire gingers line, and this scrub is one of the most effective out there. I personally feel that scrubing is one of the best things you can do for your skin on a regular basis.I don't have sensitive skin and it's tend to be rather dry, especialy in the winter. I'd use is in the summer, but not as often-this scent tends to be a little heavier and seems more appropriate for the colder months. It's a scrub that has a thick layer of scented oil that leaves your skin silky and smooth. THere is no need to use lotion after using this product.My husband goes crazy when I use this-he keeps touching my arms and legs afterwards. It has a strong spicy smell, which may not be for everyone. It tends to leave the shower very greasy, and I do have to rinse it afterwards for fear that someone will slip! I feel that when i use this once or twice a week, it tends to imrove my tone and texture of skin.My skin actually glows.

Allison Park, PA


Great Treatment for Your Skin


I am a huge fan of beauty products that help improve the look of my skin and this **Origins Ginger Scrub** is a great way to give yourself a spa treatment at home and is a luxurious moment for your skin.  I work outside in a dry desert, so my skin is exposed to many elements and this product helps my skin stay soft and radiant looking and the product feels great to use.  The scrub is great for the bath or shower and I love the ginger scent.  The scent is mild with a little spice, but really calming and refreshing to your skin.  The scrub goes on softly and is good for oily or dry skin because it gets rid of all the flaky and dead skin cells and seems to moisturize your skin as you scrub.  The scrub cleans down to the pores of your skin and washes off easily.  I love the refreshing feeling of my skin after using and it feels a lot softer and healthier.  The product doesn't leave a residue or film after washing off and is truly a treat to your skin in the shower.  This scrub smells great and works great at keeping my skin soft and clean.

Las Vegas, NV


Spa treatment in your own bath!


This Origins incredible scrub is absolutely wonderful.  While scrubbing off dead skins cells, it replaces your skin with moisturizing oils which feel luxurious but does not leave you feeling "oily" or "greasy" like so many other products.  The clean scent is nice but not overly powerful.  Overall, I have nothing negative to say about this product.  It is well worth the money.  Especially in the dead of winter when our skin needs all the help it can get!

Gallatin, TN


Origins Ginger Scrub

4.2 6