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Origins Ginger Essence

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This is just a scent to die for! Very light when applied, not overwhelming scent at all. Very fresh and clean. It has a very natural scent that is not too heavy, sweet or artificial. It is very unique and I have never smelled anything like it before. The ginger scent is also helpful if you are nauseous. I used it often when pregnant to settle my stomach! Coupled with their lotions and soap of the same scent and you will smell delicious all day. I use the lotion at work and always get positive comments from people when they come in my office. It is a little pricy and you can only buy it at their stores, or online. But they do have nice online offers and discounts regularly and it makes a great gift if people need ideas for you!


Lewisville, TX


My go-to fragrance.


Origins Ginger Essence may well qualify for best fragrance on the planet. It is probably the one scent I own that I can wear day or night, casual or dressed up, work or cocktails. It is fresh while at the same time long-lasting, and spicy without being overpowering or irritating to the skin. Not only do the gentlemen like it, I know more than one gentleman who wears it without smelling like a sissy--and on the ladies, it is classy and feminine. This little wonder-worker has a very effervescent, citrusy bite with a smack of ginger flower, sprinkled liberally with enough ginger spice to warm it all up. The result is a perfect fragrance for year-round wear, anywhere. The Origins products are all top-notch and I aaplaud the company for formulating the Ginger Essence line. My husband has severe respiratory and skin allergies, and this is one product that does not cause him irritation, which means in the long run I not only smell fabulous, but my home is happy because we have one less thing to argue about!


Buffalo, NY


Refreshing smell - clean, airy, crisp, and gingery


This is one my favorite scents and no matter how often I stray from it, I keep coming back to it. I also keep buying the roll-on version because it's such a great thing to roll on for on-the-go.  Their website says that there's an ancient Chinese tradition holds that where there's yin, there must be yang. And so the fragrant fire of spicy ginger is balanced by the refreshing zeal of bergamot, lemon and lime to create a synergy between warm and cool, energy and calm, tempest and tranquility. Someone made a good point once..each scent depends on the body's pheromones/chemistry/et cetera and given that it will be affected it, the scent's notes will smell different per person. I've heard from people to try a sample and wear it for a day to see how it interacts with your body.  With that said, I think it's only for certain people. My ex-boyfriend was not a fan of it at all. So now I'm glad I can wear it anytime!


Denver, CO


I love Origins Ginger Essence!


I have been using Origins Ginger Essence for years and years. It is my "go-to" fragrance. I love the light, crisp, ginger scent. It is not overpowering, like many other perfumes, and will last all day. The scent, for me, is like aromatherapy~ It helps brighten my day a bit! The price is also comparable to other perfumes of the same size and quality.


Burnsville, NC


This fragrance is amazing. Fresh and powerful all in one!


Origins makes great products that I am always excited about!  The Ginger line is great for people who want a fresh, unique scent that is not overbearing and can be worn casually or at a fancy dinner.


Lakewood, WA


light, fun... good for day and night


I've tried Origins products before and thoroughly enjoyed them... but hadn't been in for a long time til a friend of mine took me along with her.  I didn't notice this right away, but when I started checking out some of their scents, I noticed this one is light and pleasant... it's spicy but not heavy... The salesperson mentioned that their whole Ginger line is their most popular, I can see why. I love the roll on applicator... it closes with a nice screw on lid.  I feel safe putting it in my purse or luggage without worrying that it's going to leak.  And the roll on doesn't dispense a whole lot at once so I don't have to worry about fragrance overload for me or those around me.  It starts with a ginger smell and then finishes with a citrus scent.  Good for all ages.  Good for those who like lighter scents or those who tend to be sensitive, like me, to scents that are too heavy or fruity or woodsy. And it has a decent price point, so to have a bottle of this doesn't cost as much as some of the fancier scents you find at department stores.  I'll be buying this one again. 


Torrance, CA


Origins Ginger Essence

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