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Origins Eye Doctor Moisturizer

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Eye Doctor feels nice and smells great


I really like Origins Eye Doctor because it's thick enough that it feels like I'm protecting the skin around my eyes, but it goes on smooth and I really love the cucumber scent. Because it's pretty concentrated, I only need to use a tiny bit and pat it around my eyes with my pinky. I also feel like it helps to prevent little wrinkles around my eyes and on the bridge of my nose. I'm 33 but people say I look like I'm in my mid-twenties and I like to believe it has in part to do with my eye cream. Although Origins has introduced many new products over the years, including various over-priced eye creams (especially since they were bought out by Estee Lauder in the 90s), Eye Doctor is one of the original products and also one of their best. It's nice to see that they actually recognize that this product is a consumer favorite and haven't cut it from their line in favor of newer and "better" products.

Honolulu, HI


Eye Doctor goes on smooth, isnt oily, and works fast.


        I use to work at Origins and just loved trying there products. They have everything for your face. Face creams,exfoliaters, face wash, and eye creams.         Because I wasn't sleeping right, it showed, especially under my eyes. Under my eyes always looked really dark. I wasn't one who liked eye creams but I tried Eye Doctor and loved it.  I use Eye Doctor every morning and every night. It smells good, goes on smooth, isnt oily or leaves a residue, and you see the results within a week.        I would recommend this product to everyone. I works on just about anyone. From old to young faces. My mom use to only use Mary Kay products until i got her to try some of Origins products and she loved Eye Doctor. She also uses it morning and night.        Origin's products uses alot of natual ingredients which makes them better for you skin. All there products smell good, go on smooth, and makes a difference in your skin almost right away. And since this is such a great product... it doesnt cost that much either. You can always check out Origin's products at the Origins website. They also can ship the products to your house, and you can sign up to recieve coupons and discounts and birthday coupons.     

Glen Burnie, MD


Origins Eye Doctor is moisturizing


I have struggled to find a moisturizing product for my under eye area that plumps up the fine lines that are creeping up AND helps to lighten my dark circles.  After reading many reviews for a host of products (from drugstore brands to high priced brands), I decided to try Origins Eye Doctor.  It had received pretty good reviews, was at a reasonable price and I had wanted to try Origins products for years. I am about half way through my 1st container of this product (which has lasted for quite a while).  I have sensitive eye skin and this tends to irritate my skin on occassion.  For the most part, though, this product does moisturize my eye areas and creates a nice surface for my make up.  However, I haven't seen any anti-aging effects.  My circles are just as dark as they've always been and the lines are as prominent as ever.  I think this product is ok, but I probably would not order it again.

Saint Cloud, MN


Eye Doctor makes eyes look more youthful!


The skin around the eye is very delicate and sensitive and Origins Eye Doctor is a great light-weight cream that moisturizes the around-eye-area and reduces the appearance of wrinkles before they begin!

Richmond, KY


Origins Eye Doctor Moisturizer

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