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Original Mattress Factory
Original Mattress Factory Pillow Top Mattress

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14 years later orthopedic ultra-plush


We have used this mattress almost every night for 14 years and have been completely satisfied. Love that this mattress can be flipped because it is two sided and will fold to get through awkward places if needed. Comfort This mattress is very comfortable. Support It is an ultra-plush but still offers support that we need. Firmness Firm enough for us yet still plushy soft. Durability We've used this mattress and box spring set for 14 years and just now are noticing that we are rolling to the edge of the bed at night so the middle is less used. We are considering buying another one and we are looking into the prorated warranty.



I HATE staying at hotels or visiting family-I want MY mattress!


Four years ago, my husband and I decided to replace our old queen-sized bed with a king-sized bed.  Our friends had just purchased a mattress (as had their neighbors, too) from The Original Mattress Factory and they highly recommended the product.  I visited the showroom, and opted for the king-sized, dual pillow top mattress (this is the one just below the 'top of the line').  We also purchased a king-sized headboard and bed frame.  I had no idea how my life was about to change.  First off, if the salesman offers the smaller (shorter) box springs set, TAKE IT!  I had no idea how tall this bed was going to be!  I have adjusted to it, but it took awhile.  Anyway, once I slept on this bed, I thought I was in heaven!  It is very difficult for us to travel - either staying in hotels or staying with family.  Sleeping on mattresses other than our OM pillow top makes our backs hurt.  We just bought mattresses for our sons, ages 10 and 3, and we purchased from Original Mattress for them, too.

Cary, NC




I purchased their top of the line king set pillowtop in 2000  it came with a 12 year warranty.  and it's now nine years old and it is not sleepable.  it is sagging and has been getting worse for the past two years.  They will find every excuse NOT to honor their warranty.. Do not buy their products.  Look elsewhere.

Clermont, GA


Buy with Confidence


We bought our King Mattress from Original Mattress Factory, got it home and discovered it was too soft.  They have a wonderful policy on returns.  We took it back to them and they made us a new one.  No additional cost for the replacement.  If we find a problem with the new mattress they will replace it again.  Great way to buy and try without worry.

Fayetteville, GA


Best mattress I ever slept on


I like Original Mattress Company because they make the mattresses right there.   You can actually see what goes into them.  They are a little expensive but well worth it.  The quality is great, and they have a nice warranty period.

Charlotte, NC


Queen Pillow Top Mattress


I purchased a Original Mattress Queen Top Mattress.  My husband and I really love this mattress.  It is so comfortable and we can flip the mattress because it is a complete mattress and not a "half-mattress".  We also were inpressed with the price and the stores salesmen.  They really made buying a mattress easier.

Roswell, GA


Love my pillow top to bottom


The price is worth just looking or trying any mattress from The Original Mattress Factory.  We bought a Deluxe pillow top 12 years ago and it is still the best mattress i have ever owned.  We have tried the newest sleep number and temperpedic on vacations and still can't wait to come home to our cheap and quality mattress.

Perry, OH


Original Mattress Factory Pillow Top Mattress

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