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Original Mattress Factory Orthopedic Luxury Firm Mattress

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The mattress has changed my life. I wake up rested.


The mattress has changed my everyday life. Before I use to wake up tired and angry, now I wake up with energy and in a good mood. Comfort In the morning I feel rested and with energy to take on the day Support I never have back pains as I did with a regular mattress Firmness I don´t wake up every time my husband moves. I don´t feel him at all. Durability I´ve had the mattress for about a year and a half and I´ve had no issues. Looks durable to me.



We adore our bed!


My husband (R!) and I decided that it was important to us to buy a high-quality bed since so much of one's day (24-hour day) is spent in bed and a good bed should last a number of years. We read great reviews of OMF's beds on Consumer Reports--many people with their beds would buy one again. And so would we. WE ADORE THIS MATTRESS! After our son's recent birth, my husband moved to a guest bed for a couple of nights while I was learning to nurse in the wee hours of the morning. Each morning, he told me how much less satisfying the (still high quality, name brand) other mattress had been. The myriad burp cloths drew a few ants to the bed a couple of days ago, and we all moved to the guest room. I miss our bed. I think we've solved the ant problem (killed them in the yard with chemicals and with natural mint oils inside) and I can't wait for bedtime to come tonight to go back to our amazing Orthopedic Luxury Firm Mattress Comfort Best bed we've ever slept in. Support While night nursing in another bed, my son rolls toward me too much. This bed's support is perfect. Firmness The most firm they sold when we bought it--we LOVE it. Durability We like that you can flip and rotate the mattress for very even wear.

Deltona, FL


It's a firm!


Well, several years ago, my husband and I purchase the top of the line pillowtop king ortho mattress.  We decided to have one made for our motorhome without the pillowtop!  Well, the saleslady screwed up and had the Ortho Luxury Firm made instead.  I felt like I was bodyslammed on this mattress, so we bought an egg crate mattress topper.  I actually sleep better on this bed than the more expensive ortho king.  I did not know this happened until Nov of 2010.  I'm looking to buy a new king size mattress and the salesman looked up my old order and told me what we purchase.  I will not buy the motorhome made mattress because it is too firm, but we are looking at the ortho plush without the pillowtop and I believe we will buy!  I like this company, except for the screw up.  My brother sells mattresses in AR and told me some things to look for.  He said no one makes flippable mattresses anymore and I said "Oh Contrer"  OMF does!

Cumming, GA


A great mattress at a great price.


This mattress only gets more comfortable over time! We purchased ours last year and it is holding up very nicely. They were even nice enough to throw in edge supports for free to help make the mattress last much longer.

Cleveland, OH


We Love our new Orthopedic Luxury Mattress!!


We have been looking for months for a mattress that my husband and I both felt comfortabl on and was priced right for the quality of support. We found it at the Orignal Mattress Factory. The salesman was very helpful and patient with us. We spent ove an hour there trying out the mattresses that were available and he never pushed us along. He even told us we could take his business card and call him after we wnt home and discussed the possibilities. Well we never left the store.......My husand and I looked at each other and laughed because we boh knew we wanted to get the one mattress that night. The only decision was how soon we wanted it to be delivered.  That was a Tuesday evening and our mattress was made on Thursday and we pickd it up on Friday. My husband and I slept so well that night that we were telling eveyone about this mattress. We had a close couple that was looking into mattress' as well and she was thining sleep number beds (talk about expensive). I toldher to go check out Original Mattress in Robinson Township. They did and I am happy to say that they are now enjoying wonderful full evening sleep during the night too. None of us are tossing and turnng through the night. No more waking up with pain or neck pain. Now I find myself watching TV in the bedroom instead of on the couch. I think we may need to buy new couches. LOL. We recommend this mattress to anyone that asks. We will neer buy anything else again.

Pittsburgh, PA


Original Mattress Factory Orthopedic Luxury Firm Mattress

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