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Organix Smoothing Shea Butter Conditioner

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I love Organix but I don't love this conditioner...


The Bottom Line: This Organix Shea Butter Conditioner is very different from other Organix conditioners I have used. It is much runnier and less creamy than expected, and does not do that great a job of untangling your hair. It does have a great scent, but that is not enough for me to use this conditioner again. I am a huge fan of Organix products and regularly use their Coconut based products. I figured that this Shea Butter Conditioner would be just as wonderful as the Coconut variety, but unfortunately, it was not so. With ingredients like Jojoba Oil, Panthenol (which is a provitamin of B5), Silk Amino Complex, Yogurt Protein Extracts, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, you would think this conditioner would be the ultimate moisturizer for your hair. Unfortunately, after washing my hair and conditioning it with this Organix product, not only did my hair stay difficult to comb through (and I found myself pulling way too much to try and get the knots out of my hair with this conditioner), but I also did not find the softening and smoothing effect I am used to with Organix Coconut conditioner. The texture is also surprisingly less cream and thick than expected, and I ended using more conditioner than ever to cover all of my hair because it kept dripping off. I suppose every one has different hair and different needs, so if you like Organix hair products, you may want to give this one a try, but it is definitely not as good as the Organix Coconut line of product. Scent The scent, as for most Organix products, is fantastic. It smells very clean and fresh.



Organix Shea Butter conditioner!


Like I have mentioned in a previous review, I love the Organix smoothing shea butter shampoo. And Organix smoothing shea butter conditioner really helps maximize those results! This shampoo and conditioner set makes my hair smell really amazing like shea butter! I have gotten a lot of compliments on the scent since using this set, especially the conditioner really helps my hair hold the scent! I have shoulder length hair and it is very frizzy and thick. This conditioner contains shea butter which really helps tame my hair. My hair is a lot less frizzy when I condition with this daily. It also helps restore the moisture and vitamins in my hair which in turn makes my hair frizzy the healthier it becomes. Overall, I absolutely love using the Organix smoothing shea butter conditioner in combination with the shampoo and would recommend it to anyone who wants smoother and healthy looking hair.



Great scent does not an excellent product make


Purchased Organix Smoothing Shea Butter Conditioner durijg the Buy one, Get one special at a local drugstore which I thought at the time was great value for money. The bottle stands out as a shiny attractive bronze with a gold tone top so consumers will likely notice it on the shelves and get drawn to picking it up like I was. This conditioner's scent is amazing and at first glance, some of the ingredients listed on the Organix Shea Butter Conditioner are very pretty impresseive. They included: glycerin (humectant best used during warmer months), Jojoba Oil, Panthenol, Silk Amino complex, Milk protein, Shea butter and Avocado oil, all of which are great for conditioning hair. Only there are 2 problems: One, all these hair goodies are listed beginning halfway through the products ingredient list which is not a good sign because it means that they are present is smaller quantities than those ingredients listed before them. Two, these goodies were listed after the 2 silicon derivatives Cyclopentasiloxane and Dimethicone. The two cones work to protect hair from heat implements like blow dryers, flat irons or heated curlers but work against my no heat regimen and curly hair which needs frequent application of moisture infused products to avoid drying out. Organix Shea Butter's silicon derived ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane and Dimethicone will need clarifying washes to remove every now and then. As always, remember to buy smarter in order to spend less of your hard earned money. Look for sale and special offer prices, don't forget to use store/manufacturer coupons.

Yakima, WA


It really did not do much conditioning for my hair!


I bought this Organix Smoothing Shea Butter Conditioner and also the coconut version of their conditioner, at a local drug store when browsing in the hair care aisle. I have some staunch effective favorite products I always buy, but I am always open to discovery one that may be out there that is even better! Well, when I saw the Organix Line, and this Shea Butter version for smoothing, I thought - maybe will be great for me! I have angel hair consistency but lots of it, long, - which always in hotter months in NYC humidity, swells up to a frizzy mess! lol, and I blow dry my hair to style it, so always use items to protect and moisturize my hair. The smoothing aspect said to me - this will truly have to moisturize the hair folicals if they claim it to be smoothing, and it smeels so nice, so let's give it a try, even though it is more pricey a line. I was sadly, very disappointed - I have the same bottles not even half used up yet, over two years now, still sitting in my bathroom for the time I will say okay, I am not going out anywhere special so let me use this one today for my hair conditioner, just not to waste them.  It does smell wonderful, not obnoxious or strong perfumey scent at all - just like the warm sensual natural scent of shea butter you would expect, and the texture of this conditioner is very thick - so when using it I had high hopes, 1st time out of the bottle, but I have tried both methods - using it the normal amount of time, and to not waste it, I also tried the hot bath soak session where when i put this in, I let it sit and go to work for at least 10-15 minutes as I relax back in the bath - but either way - once leaving it on 20 minutes or more! -when rinsed out, and my hair dries, ithis does not compare to something like Pantene's Fine to Volume Conditioner, or Suave Coconut Conditioner, at all. To me this could have been any other conditioner out, so for the price too, I think its not worth the money although I wished and hoped it would be. This isnt one I would recommend to someone I know.  

New York, NY


doesn't smooth. but it's ok.


I bought this conditioner for two reasons. 1) because it claimed to smooth frizzy hair and 2) because it was free When i purchased it there was a rebate offer from the company, so i thought "why not?" i have extremely frizzy hair, all the time. my hair is straight, sometimes it's sort of wavy, but either way, it's a frizzball unless I attack it with a flat iron and some smoothing gel. and even then, it only lasts for maybe a couple of hours. then it's a frizzy mess again. some might be kind and say my hair "has body!" but I know better, the blind fools. it DOES NOT smooth your hair down whatsoever. it has all these natural things in it, like avocado and shea butter (yeah, see, it's not just a clever name), and I had sky high hopes for this little bottle. plus, it smells really good. but alas, frizzy hair abounds. but it's still a good conditioner. i mean, it does its job as far as conditining goes. my hair is pretty soft after it. but don't be fooled by the anti frizz part. it's a big fat lie.

San Diego, CA


Organix Smoothing Shea Butter Conditioner

3.6 5