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Organix Reviving White Tea Grapeseed Shampoo

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Organix white tea grape seed shampoo


Organix reviving white tea grape seed shampoo is absolutely amazing if you have dull or lifeless looking hair! I use it with the Organix reviving white tea and grape seed conditioner and it makes my hair look alive. It has a lot of natural extracts from the grape seeds and the white tea and it makes my hair look healthy and shiny! I love how soft it makes my hair feel. One of the great things about this product is that it is all natural and it is not tested on animals! It is also safe and gentle to use every day and even on color treated hair! One of the things I also love about this shampoo is the scent! It smells lightly like grape and tea almost like a fancy sweet wine! It makes my hair smell great all day! Overall I would really recommend Organix reviving white tea grape seed shampoo for anyone whose hair looks lifeless or dull! It will make your hair look and feel great!



Feels natural, smells great and revives hair


This product, just like all other organix products (I also own organix coconut milk conditioner) smell and work great. I like that they are completely organic and not texted on animals. I believe that the most natural things work the best on our natural bodies and that is what this product does: revives, replenishes and hydrates hair.

San Francisco, CA


Organix Shampoo Is Like A Spa in the Shower!


An excellent choice for your hair! Organix Reviving White Tea Grapeseed Shampoo has a richness not found in less expensive shampoos. Formula includes many unique ingredients to help heal the hair & scalp. Organic grapeseed oil for moisturizing, white tea and orange peel for healing & yogurt protein for nourishment. The scent is fresh & invigorating as it combines herbs, floral and fruity notes. It's like a spa in the shower! Consistency of this formula is a little thicker than some other shampoo options so rinsing time may be slightly longer than typical but I find the extra time is well worth the results. When rinsed, my hair appears healthy, shiny & very manageable. I have somewhat thick hair which is prone to frizziness & find that Organix Reviving White Tea Grapeseed Shampoo controls static which is especially prevelent during winter months in the Midwest. A bit pricey but look for sales at your local retail/drugstore and treat yourself to a fantastic shampoo.

Glen Ellyn, IL


Organix Reviving White Tea Grapeseed Shampoo

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