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Oreo - Double Stuf Heads or Tails Cookies

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If you've read my reviews you already know how I feel about Oreo


I give this product an even lower score than I normally give Oreo products, just for the annoying factor. I mean really? What's the point. An Oreo is an Oreo. It's a substandard, dried out cookie (either artificially vanilla flavored or artificially chocolate flavored) with some sugary pasty stuff inside. How many silly variations on this can really be in demand?



Vanilla and Chocolate in one package.


I love the fact that you can get the chocolate and vanilla oreos in one package but find it extremely difficult to find. It is almost impossible as they mostly carry the regular oreos, double stuff oreos or reduced fat. If you can find a package of these I suggest you try them and you wont be disappointed they are enjoyable and like many people like can be dipped into a glass of cold milk. A great snack, treat or just because I need a break.

Bellmore, NY


Not a favorite


I'm not much of a vanilla person, but I thought that since I LOVE double stuf oreos that these might be good. Wrong. I cannot say that I like them compared to how great double stuf oreos are. Will continue to buy oreos just not this variety.

Uniondale, NY


Don't like the taste of these cookies!!


Well it has finally happened. Oreo has produced a cookie that just does not work for me. These cookies have vanilla on one side and chocolate on the other. The inside is a double stuf filling but it doesn't taste like the filling in regular the vanilla or chocolate cookies. It tastes more like shortening. These cookies would probably taste ok if the filling were more like the regular Oreo filling. My husband even thinks they taste different and he is an Oreo fanatic. Sometimes things just do not need to be improved upon. This happens to be one of those occasions. The vanilla Oreo and the chocolate Oreo are both just phenomenal cookies. I am more a fan of the vanilla Oreos while my husband is more of a chocolate Oreo fan. I can say without a doubt that this particular cookie is a one-time purchase in this household. For me, I cannot recommend this Oreo cookie. It just missed the mark totally.

SmallTown, TX


Oreo - Double Stuf Heads or Tails Cookies

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