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Oreck XL Little Hero Canister Vacuum

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Great little vacuum


I got this vacuum as a bonus for purchasing a more expensive vacuum from Oreck and I find it to be soooo convenient for a quick touch-up or for days when I am lame and the full vacuum is just a bit much to manage.  I really enjoy that it doesn't take bags.  It has great suction and is fantastic for cleaning the carpets in the car.  It manuvers well in tight spaces. 

Gray, ME


The Oreck Little Hero is the best canister vacuum out there!


Oreck products have the best quality I've ever seen.  I used to go through vacuums like crazy until I discovered Oreck.  I was a little apprehensive because of the price, but again...well worth every penny.  Our first Oreck purchase was the Oreck XL Upright Vacuum.  We bought that seven years ago and it still runs like a charm.  The Oreck Little Hero is one of the best purchases I've made from Oreck.  It's small, compact and lightweight and has a long retractable cord for easy storage.  It has many attachments and it reaches those hard to reach places.  The Oreck Little Hero has lots of power for a small canister vacuum.  It has an extra attachment that you can buy that picks up pet hair on furniture or wherever you might want to use it.  The attachment works great and is highly recommended for pet owners.  The bags also act as filters keeping out dust and alllergens.  They also go on and off the vacuum with a seal; sealing out all dirt and dust particals.  There is no mess when changing the bags.   

Conroe, TX


not for long hair


I can basicly clean my entire house with this oreck xl canister vaccume. Although,  it does not work well on my shag carpet. I do not think it was designed for cleaning the entire house because the capasity of the bags is not very much and by the time the bage is half full the vaccume has lost half of its suction which does get frustrating as  I have my own very long hair and tons of cat hair to contend with.  You need a decent amount of suction to pick up hair. It aslo takes up alot of space because all of the attachments are loose.  so I am keeping everything together in the box it came in. The nozzle/ hose thingy is extendable by attaching two 19 inch extender tubes which does not work well for me. And to the extender tubes you can put on another attachment or 'fitting tools' for the floor, fabric, crevices, ect... there are eight attachments plus  a shoulder strap. We have had it  for a few years with no mechanical problems but I think there are smaller better thing on the market.   

Daytona Beach, FL


Oreck XL Little Hero Canister Vacuum

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