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Oreck Speed Sweep Cordless Stick Vac

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this oreck bagless chargable vacum is fantastic!!!


this vacum works great and is especially good for picking up dog hair and little particles of dust it is extremely efficent in every way shape or form and you would not be dissapointed with the way this vacum performs! Maneuverability i love this vacum you would not believe all the dirt this little vacum picks up even though it runs on a battery it sounds like it has no power until you see this oreck stik vacum in action it picks up tiny little particles including my dogs hair and when im not feeling so good and i cant push my other vacum i use my oreck and i love it! also had one of these years ago and from using it over and over after maybe 6 years later it finally conked out on me so i was happy to get another again and highly recommend this vacum to everyone young and especially the old people that cant push a heavy vacum no more know one would be dissapointed with this vacum!! Ease of Maintenance very low maintenance! Suction Performance picks up everything!! Versatility can go anywhwere! Design very nicely designed! Durability excellent!!


Liberty, NY


Oreck Speed Sweep


This is a pretty decent sweeper. It has enough suction to pick up most anything you would find in a kitchen. It picks up cereal and stuff like that. The battery charge last a long time. Enough to clean up you kitchen several times without recharging. And the battery charger is small enough to keep in my pantry. The con is that I tend to vacumm up things that are too large to make it into the canister. And so it often gets clogged. But it's a simple enough design to take apart and clean it out. It comes with a couple of attachments, which I haven't used, I don't really see the purpose behind them. I just use it to sweep up the kitchen quickly. I drop it ALL the time and it hasn't broken yet. Another con is that our doesn't stand up right on it's own, so you have to keep it leaned against something. One of the reasons it gets dropped all the time!


Greenbrier, TN


Great Sweeper Vac


The Oreck Speed Sweep Tek100 is a lightweight sweeper vac that you can use on hard floors or carpet. It is a 2 in 1 design and the canister can come off and be used as a handheld vac. I love my speed sweep and use it on the carpet when I don't have the time or just have a little mess to clean up and I use it on my tile kitchen floor for dirt. I rarely take off the canister to use as a handheld as it is quite cumbersome. I have a dustbuster for that. It is lightweight enough that my 4 year old daughter can use it and often helps when I am using the regular vaccuum. The see through canister makes it easy for her to see the progress she has done and all the stuff that she has picked up. The vaccuum runs off of a battery that doesn't seem to last all that long. It has a seperate charger that is quite large and cumbersome that I keep on my kitchen counter. It's easy enough to slip the battery in to charge, but seems like it takes 12 hours to get a full charge.


Sycamore, IL


Oreck Speed Sweep Cordless Stick Vac

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