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Oreck Speed Cordless Iron with Auto Shut-off

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Oreck Cordless Iron


I was given this iron when my mother purchased the vacuum and got it free with her purchase. I was excited as I had seen it many times and wondered how well it worked. I really though it was on the heavy side at first but just figured it was because I was used to a much smalled one, but after many uses I have concluded it is a little heavy for me and I really do not care for that. I did however like some of the features of the oreck Cordless Iron, There is a stand so you can rest the iron on in between uses and not worry about it falling, and my favorite feature of all is the automatic shut off, if you walk away and forget that you left the oreck iron on it will shut off on its on. The cordless feature is a nice addition to have as you don't have to have a plug right next to you. You can also fill it with water and use the steam feature and of course there is a dial so that you can control the temperature for the different materials you are ironing. overall this is not a bad iron, I just do not like that it is a little bigger than I am used to or the fact that I feel like it is on the heavy side.

Bedford, KY


Oreck.. finally got the cord out of my way!


When I bought my Oreck vaccuum and got the iron free, I didn't think too much of it. That is, until I used it!! It heats up very quickly, has auto shut off and most importantly...no more cord to fight with. Love it!!!

Saint Louis, MO


Love the cordless feature


We have owned this iron for several years and have never had any problem with it. We are not heavy iron users, just when something wrinkled in the dryer more than it should have. But we love the cordless feature, the iron does not take long to heat up and does a good job. There is a slight tendency to drop a lot of water on the steam setting, but nothing more than any iron we have owned in the past. I have always hated fighting the iron cord, so this iron has been a dream for me. It has the option of the cord staying attached, so if you have a really large item (tablecloth) you can leave the cord attached and not worry about the iron getting too cool to work. (Personally I have never needed this feature.)

Jacksonville, FL


Oreck Speed Cordless Iron with Auto Shut-off

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