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Oreck Rinse-A-Matic Steamer Ultra Floor Cleaner

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Oreck Rinse-A-Matic too heavy and not worth money


This is the worst thing I have ever bought. It has caused me total frustration. It is so heavy that my arms would shake from strain, that is if I could even keep it running. There is an Oreck dealer in town and I took it there twice because it keep shutting off. He kept it there twice stating it worked fine and it would shut off as a safety factor. Last time I took it there the man stated he could not carry it because he had severe arthritis - now that is some great advertising. If I could have picked it up and held it high I would have thrown it at him. The first man stated that if it kept shutting off perhaps I needed a new cord. I begged them to send it back but that was in vain because they stated it worked perfectly. Needless to say I do not think much of Oreck. Maneuverability So heavy that it is awkward and not for people with fibromyalgia or any muscle problems. I donated to Good Will Ease of Maintenance Battle to get water tank on and off

Fond Du Lac, WI


It works, but is difficult to work with.


I replaced my carpet shampooer with the Oreck floor cleaner and have been disappointed with some points. I love my Oreck Vacuum and thought the floor cleaner would be a good product. As a shampooer, it works as well as other brands, such a Bissel. My complaint is getting the water tank on and off. It is such a hassel. The water tank is awkward to fill and I have the devil of a time trying to get it back in the machine. I struggle with getting it in place and trying to lock it in. It takes repeated attempts. To remove the tank, I flip the lock, then usng both hands to push down and pull the tank, holding the brush section with my foot.  I have even straddled the brush section to get enough strength to pull the tank down and out.  Putting the tank back in is almost as difficult. I smash my fingers ever time! Filling the tank with clean water is awkward. The tank doesn't sit level on any surface in my house that's near a water faucet. The cleaner only works when pulling back. You can't move the cleaner forward with it flat on the floor. It requires that you lean it back on the 2 wheels, push the machine forward, then lower the brush section to the floor and pull back toward you. Because of this, I can't tell if any water is being extracted because I can't see the front of the machine. It's just awkward to use. It cleans ok and does a good job of extracting water when it works. It's just a pain in the *** to get it to work.

Port Orchard, WA


Oreck Rinse-A-Matic Steamer Ultra Floor Cleaner

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