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XL Tower
Oreck Professional Air Purifier

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cleaner air? do it with oreck


whats up people it's quickscoperKill here to rate the air tower air purifer. to start first of oreck is one of the best i do not no about any other air purifiers . umm its something you can consider buying is you like your air to bee clwan or your a clean freak, but it is definitely something to consider for those with allergies. spring is coming up and this could help reduce that polen or allergic substance in the air.so lets start off **PROS** this is a great air purifier it has different levels of air purification depending on what you want it to. if you have the sented screen for the air purifer it makes your air smell very good and clean **CONS** when you put the purifier to the highest purification level is quiet loud for those "silent people" recomendations leave on for about 20 minutes to dully clean the air in a standar room size then you can power down or turn it off. also change the scented screen / filters at least every two months depending on how often you use it


Richmond, TX


Oreck Tower air filter- can be relied on!


I originally purchased the oreck air purifier tower to control my seasonal allergies.  My allergies to dust, hay, pollen and ragweed would become uncontrolable in the spring months and even my allergy medication prescribed to me by my doctor was not enough.  I thought that I would only use the purifier in the spring but I liked the results so much I use it year round.  I can see so much of what the purifier picks up that there is no way I would want all of those allergens and dirt in my ear anyhow.  The tower is quite.  I was hoping to use it for grey noise and it is just too quiet for that I must use a fan as well.  The Tower is long and sleek, it is not wide and the base is small as well so it does not take up much space at all.  This is not a carbon air filter it works by releasing negative ions into the air.  It is also very easy to clean.  I use a wet cloth or a wet whipe and just wipe the filters.  The filters do not need to be replaced often as they are easy to clean.


Travelers Rest, SC


Oreck Professional Air Purifier

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