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Light-weight and easy to use


Several years ago, my family needed a new vacuum because our old Dirt Devil broke down. As we shopped for new vacuums, I realized I wanted one that was light-weight and easy to use. We had 2 sets of stairs in our home at that time, and lugging a big heavy vacuum up and down them was not making me very motivated to clean. But, at the same time, I also wanted a vacuum that would pick up the dirt! So, we found an Oreck store and looked at all the options. This Oreck XL Hypoallergenic vacuum was a bit more expensive than some of the others, but it was worth the extra cost. One, because of it being light-weight. Two, because of it being easy to use. Three, because of it having actual vacuum bags to insert and replace (I hated the bagless kind). And four, because our son is allergic to dust and this vacuum helps keep dust down to a minimum. So, we bought the vacuum and have not been sorry we did.

Newton, IL


Worth the extra cost


My husband suggested we buy an Oreck 3 years ago.  I went to the Oreck store and almost fell over at the prices.  The sales clerk convinced me through a live demonstration that it would be worth the money.  With the 90 day money back guarantee I couldn't say no.  I took it home and have never regretted buying it.  The hypo-allergenic bag system works great and it is light and easy to use. It fits under the bed easily to get at the dust bunnies and dog hair.  It works well on carpet and hardwood alike.  I'd recommend an Oreck to any one who doesn't want to have to keep buying "retail" vacuums every two years.

Lexington, KY


Oreck Plus Vacuum

4.5 2