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Oreck ElectrikBroom Cordless Stick Vacuum

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I bought my Oreck cordless in 2004 and it's going strong (I needed to replace the battery every 3 years). I keep it within easy access to the kitchen for quick cleanups; crumbs, dog hair, it even swept up a bottle of vitamins that I spilled. It's easy to remove the handheld portion to vaccuum crumbs out of kitchen drawers. I like the collapsable handle that allows it to be stored in small spaces, it's so much quieter than a standard vaccuum, and it's small enough to easily carry one-handed. I love mine!


Sun City, AZ


Good for touch ups


When we purchsed our new Oreck upright vacume the Oreck Electric Broom with handheld vacume was an added bonus.  I am not usually a big fan of the hand held electric vacumes, but this does a nice job in between weekly vacuming, picking up crumbs under the table and other various touch ups.  I am really fussy and Oreck has been a quality product we have used for years.  Since I am fussy and do not like to have things plugged in looking unsightly we made use of a plug we have in a large closet and I keep my Electric Broom stored in there.  I was surprised that the battery does not die out quickly as others often do and like the ease of being able to use it as an upright broom or a hand held spot cleaner.  It is easy to clean out the cup and filter when you are done with your cleaning. I was a bit skeptical, but was pleasantly surprised; especially considering the fact that it was a gift.


Florence, SC


If you want your crumbs picked up-this vacuum is not for you!


'Just bought the electrikbrom  and found much to my dismay that it is not very reliable. It does not consistently pick up dirt and requires going over an area several times to get  MOST of the dirt. I still find myself coming behind it with a broom! The suction just isn't very strong! This is not the implement for you if you have dogs-I find myself pulling dog hair out of the brushes-frequently


Ballwin, MO


electric broom


this vacum seem to look like a very nice vacum . it is but the thing is it cant withstand alot of work and isnt very long lasting which is unusal for oreck products **pros** this thing is uper portable and light to carry it is electric and has a recharageble battery so it stays wireless the sucking can help clean solid spills like ceareal and rice very easily the vacum is very portable so it can be easily taken apart when you need to **cons** you have to hand with alot of care because it can easily mess it lasted less than six months for me so am giving it a short life span( beacause i used it hardcore ***recomendations*** do not over charge or you will mess up the batteries i advice you to not to charge it over night because then you could end up over charging which is not good for the battery do not use this vacum hardcore or it will mess up, use it for minor spills ***NEVER FOR LIQUID ***lol am just saying sometime people get lazy depending on who you are i would recomend this to everyone this is for people who have litte mess to clean up the kicthen for or a spill


Richmond, TX


I wanted this to be better than it is.


I received the Oreck ElectrikBroom as an add-on when I purchased my Oreck upright.  Since I was overall happy with my previous Oreck upright, I had high hopes for the ElectrikBroom.  Alas, I've been disappointed.  I live on an island and it's useless for picking up sand on barefloors, and does only marginally better picking up small crumbs.  On the plus side, it does a great job picking up hair from the bathroom floor between regular vacuuming.  Using it as a handheld vacuum for purposes of cleaning out my car, however, brings another disappointment.  The suction is simply not strong enough to do a good job.  It will not pick up dog hair off my car seats, nor will it pick up sand off the floor of the car.  The battery does last approximately 20 minutes on a charge, but the cons are just too great for me to recommend this product.  The idea behind it is great (a broom and hand vac all in one), but the power is simply not there.


Oak Island, NC


Oreck Electrik Broom AV-701B is very versatile and durable.


I have had this electric broom for over a year.  I absolutely love it.  It works for quick pick ups on carpet and works great on hard surfaces.  I was told the battery lasts about four years.  Mine is still going strong.  the only thing the owners guide doesn't tell you is the battery has a memory and shouldn't be plugged in after each use.  This will result in your battery not lasting as long as it should.  You should let the battery run almost all the way down before plugging it in to charge.   The detachable handheld vacuum comes with a small bruch and crevice tool.  They're handy for getting into hard to reach places.  It works on all surfaces and for a handvac it has powerful suction.  There are no bags to replace.  You just dump the dust and crumbs into the trash and you're ready to use it again.  I highly recommend this product.  


Sarasota, FL


Oreck ElectrikBroom Cordless Stick Vacuum

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