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Bagged Upright Vacuums
Oreck Commercial Bagged Vacuum

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It may pick up a bowling ball but not much else


I finally broke down and was swayed by the "great suction" this machine was advertised to have. Well if you use it only for hardwood, laminate or tile it is ok but it will not clean my carpet. I go over and over and over carpet areas and the pet hair, strings, crumbs remain. I did finally solve the problem-I bought another brand vacuum! Maneuverability This machine is light weight and very easy to maneuver. Ease of Maintenance The bag is clumsy to remove and replace and if you are not careful you will loosen the bag clip and wind up with dust being sucked into the outer bag and not the disposable bag. Suction Performance As I mentioned earlier- works only on hard surfaces. Versatility No tools included, no removable hose, no light Design Comfortable handle and can lay almost flat to get under tables and chairs Durability vacuum bag comes loose very easily


Titusville, FL


the best vacuum I've ever owned!


I love this vacuum. it is light, easy to use. it easily goes under beds and low furniture. the warranty on this is fantastic. if something does break you take it to a dealer and the fix it for free. this is a vacuum that will last. the bags are kinda pricey, but I feel like I do not have to change them all that often.




Great Long Lasting Vacumn


We used these at the Ronald McDonald House for years and we all loved them. Unforchunantly they started walking out the door and we only had one left by the time I retired. I was really impressed with the light weight and suction on them. Maneuverability They were easy to pick up and move around. Ease of Maintenance Never had any problems with them unless we let the bag get to full and then had to dig all the stuff out of the hose. Suction Performance Very good suction. Design Very lightweight Durability Lasted for years and years until the residents liked them more than use and took them home with them.


Jacksonville, AR


I couldn't imagine using any other vacuum than my Oreck Upright!


The Oreck Upright vacuum is one of the greatest inventions out there. In my opinion, every home should have one. They are the lightest, easiest vacuum to use. I purchased mine several years ago. I honestly didn't believe the advertisements about it being so lightweight. But it is! And changing the bags or belts is so easy to do. We have three dogs, a long-haired cat, and two rabbits. They all shed all the time. My daughter and I also have long hair. Sometimes the Oreck's roller brush will stop rotating due to an excessive amount of hair which has been vacuumed up. It is so simple to remove the roller, clean it then put it back together. My mom is eighty-three years old and lives on her own. She still finds her Oreck easy to use being as lightweight as it is. When I purchased my Oreck vacuum it came with the small compact vacuum to use on stairs. This lightweight mini compact unit operates as well as my upright Oreck. 


Branford, CT


Oreck is a 10 in efficiency and time saving.


I have 2 Oreck upright vacuums and they are the greatest.  My husband won't even think of purchasing anything but an Oreck.  One of the Orecks is a used commercial upright that was given to us and it works like a brand new one.  We are in our senior years and like to be busy so we don't have a lot of time to spend cleaning house.  So my husband vacuums very well and gets it done quickly and neatly.  I believe if they quite making Oreck, he may not make it!!!!   Thanks Oreck.


York, SC


a big mistake.Model U2000R


This vaccum was a big disappointment.I could not wait to get it.Yes it did work very well at first.It seemed to be just what I needed.It would pick up very well in just one pass.I really liked the lightweight of this machine.It made it easier to use than those big bulky vaccums. It also has brushes on the front end to pick up easily along floor boards and it does lower so you can clean under beds and furniture ect. However it does not have a headlight.I did not think that would be an issue until loose threads from rugs got hung on the rollar brush.You had to stop and get it fixed.The low light setting is not a good idea for this machine.A headlight should have been put on this for the price in my opinion. But the worst part about this vaccum was the smell.The so called fancy bags they use absolutely does not work.The smell will make you sick.It is that bad.They claim all the dirt and odor stays inside the bag,I am sorry but I have to laugh outloud because that is a joke. I am looking for a new vacuum.This machine is going in the garbage as soon as possible. They say they use these in motels,hotels and resturants.I do not understand that.I do not recommend this even for an old barn house.


Cincinnati, OH


Oreck Commercial Bagged Vacuum

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