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Dependable and thorough cleaning device.


I love my Oreck! It has been very durable and reliable. We have owned other types of vacuum cleaners, even a Rainbow, and found this to be the most dependable vacuum cleaner. We have ponytail ties, etc. that are always hiding in dark corners, since the Oreck goes into those corners, it tends to pick them up without clogging; however, sometimes the belt does not survive the experience, and the belt is very hard to get to if you need to replace it. I do wish it was easier to disassemble the vacuum cleaner to clean out all of the hoses and chambers when there is a clog. There are a lot of parts to be removed to get to the areas that you need to. Durability My Oreck has been one of the toughest vacuum cleaners I have owned. As a family, we are exceptionally tough on vacuum cleaners, yet it has stood the test of time. It has remarkable suction. I only wish that the belts were more durable. I would definitely purchase another Oreck!




for a light vacuum, this oreck really pick up a lot


this oreck works great.  it is very light weight.  it really picks up the pet hair of my constantly shedding dog.  the little brushes on the side really gets to the baseboard and get gets the very edges of the carpet.  i bought a bissell, pet owners vacuum.  it did nothing.  also, the bag really holds a lot of dirt.  you don't have to change the bag often.  also, once a year, you return it to the store for a free cleanup and tuneup.  i would readily recommend it.


Springfield, PA




I paid a lot for this vacuum cleaner but have had it for over 15 years. I loved my 1st Oreck because I could take it apart and unclog the tubes. I replaced that one with my current model which has to be taken to the repair shop. Always costs a lot to fix.


Alexandria, VA


The Oreck XL is a wast of your money.


The Oreck Xl is a complete wast of your money. It dosn't do anything to the air in your home. It is high priced. You are told to bring it in to have it serviced about every three months for the first year and then starts to run without the lights working right.


Tempe, AZ


I really do LOVE my ORECK


I have used Oreck vacuum's for over twenty years. My first unit was the base model Classic and I used and abused that unit. I not only cleaned my own home but used it to clean homes and offices on side work. It held up great. Replaced it after 12 years with the Ultra model and have had it now for 10 years. I have heard a lot of people say that there Oreck is a piece of junk but cannot understand why. I have always been very please with the performance and logevity of my Oreck. I will never own another vacuum.


Cookeville, TN


good product


I bought this vacuum based on all the great things you see on tv and media. My parents got one and they love it so I figured I would try it too. It works fine and is very lightweight. The one thing I really dont' like about it is that there are no attachments so it is stricly for rugs and straightaways. I also sometimes think that it doesn't clean deep enough because I'll sit on my rugs after vacuuming and still feel a little dirt. It has a great light, fun to vacuum in the dark!


Northport, NY


This product is an all-around great buy!


I have to say that this vacuum is a very good product.  The only bad thing is that it costs more than you might want to pay and you can only order the replacement bags from the company.  However, it is definitely worth the money.  First of all, when you order the vacuum it comes with extra bags and mine have lasted over a year.  The vacuum is very light and can easily be carried from room to room.  Also, it is easily maneuvered.  I have tried several brands of vacuums and this one by far is my favorite.  I will definitely continue to buy from Oreck.


Coalgate, OK


Vacuums cannot deal with hair


I bought this vacuum because previous ones jammed with hair quickly (after one room) and caused pulley and rubber belt to overheat (couldn't touch). The rubbery smell stunk up the house a bit. This one costs more and does the same thing, only more often. What do a like about this vacuum? Lightweight, glides across carpet, works nicely before choking on hair. My wife and two daughters all have long hair. I BTW, am mostly bald and am contemplating building a retreat in the backyard. I've got several vacuums that will work great in such a dwelling!


Marietta, GA


So not worth the hassle!


I really looked forward to getting this vacuum. I was replacing my Kirbly with this oreck xl and I thought it was a great idea. WRONG! For the first couple of weeks it was fine, had the forward drive which was great, I didnt have to push so hard and I got done vacuuming a lot quicker. Then my daughter used it to vacuum her room and accidently vacuumed a sock from under her bed. Thats when the vacuum just became a huge pain in the butt. I had to take it to have it serviced only because the sock stretched the belt so it had to be replaced. Ive had the vacuum for about 2 and a half years and Ive had to replace the belt at least 4 times and the drive no longer works. I have 4 dogs and 5 kids in my house so I have to vacuum frequently. My carpet is kind of like shag carpet so with the drive not working, I can barely even push the lightweight 8 lb. vacuum. It really is just a huge pain in the butt. I wish I would not of bought this vacuum.


Littleton, CO


Oreck XL hyper-allergenic is a powerful, lightweight vacuum.


The Oreck XL hypo-allergenic upright vacuum is a purchase that I never regretted. My first XL was purchased 12 yrs. ago and it finally was "put to rest" 6 months ago.  I repurchased same model but of course newer, and have not regretted the move.  The price might seem high but it paid me back many times over. As a senior, I found that the light weight feature was very important to me. The suction is very good. I can clean on carpet and wood and tile floors. The only things I've had to change out were the belt (once in 5 years) and the disposable dirt bags.  I think the most exciting thing about the Oreck is that i can change out parts myself! It makes me feel soooo talented! LOL!  I can unsnap the plastic tubing to get out clogged debris, change the belt, remove the rollers...etc.  It's like reconstructing a simple puzzle. I almost feel like being called a mechanic!   I have a very large home and this Oreck XL does the job!  The mini portable vacuum I got free with the purchase, is just as strong.  Oreck has a great reputation. In fact, when I called the phone number to order more bags, the representative was outstanding!  I DO appreciate good customer service!  I might add that I've never had to bring it in for service for 12  years!(until the old one died). I believe you can rest assured that the Oreck XL will give you years of problem free service!


Ramona, CA


Oreck Bagged Vacuum

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