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Bagged Upright Vacuums
Oreck Bagged Vacuum

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Oreck XL3610 upright vacuum


Well what can i say positively about this vacuum, it has great pick up power on rugs and the cord is quite long enough for me to go from room to room. The cons, well its quite loud compared to my canister vacuum. There are not attachments with this product so you really can get in the corners so i end up pulling out the canister too just to thoroughly clean the room. I borrowed this from my mom who had here carpets ripped out so she didn't need it anymore. It doesn't clean on the first push, back sucks up better when you pull it back again. The bags are big and kind of expensive so thats a con to me. I honestly have to say for what this vacuum costs I wouldn't say I love it, just say its okay. Maneuverability Its heavy and clunky. I don't think its worth the money at all. The front is too tall to get under things and you end up dragging out the other vacuum. Who wants to bother with two vacuums for one room. Ease of Maintenance Haven't had to repair or replace anything Suction Performance Not as good as I thought it would be. I'd rather have my Hoover Versatility Works great on rugs, but its such a bulky machine I don't like it on my floors. Design Nothing special about the design. TOo heavy when pushing around on the rugs. Doesn't glide well Durability No problems with durability.


Rutland, MA


Addicted to Oreck!


For 10 years we used our light weight Oreck Vacuum. Our old Oreck started to jam because it did NOT pass ALL the dirt picked up.. We tried another vacuum during 1 of its breakdowns. The other Vacuum was HARD to use! As a result of our problems, we waited for another Oreck Sale. We purchased Oreck model U3620HH with a 3 year warranty. The new Oreck is LIGHT Weight & Easy to use.  We do miss the old footpedal ON/Off switch. I reccommend Easy to use Oreck Vacuums!


Clearwater, FL


Oreck makes the BEST vacuums!


I chose to buy my Oreck vacuum two years ago after seeing that my Grandmother's Oreck vacuum has lasted 15+ years and is still running! It is so easy to use and very powerful. I love that it is so lightweight. It doesn't exhaust me when I push it or haul it upstairs or downstairs. My mother-in-law, who has had back surgery, was over at my house and used it and loved it! She could use it with ease and no back pain! I cleans up all my toughest messes with ease. It has great suction and you can tell that it really deep cleans. After using so many HEAVY vacuums that barely did any work, it is a joy to use something so light and powerful. I always recommend this to family and friends. You definitely get your money's worth!


Stillwater, MN


Oreck Bagged Vacuum

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