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Bagged Upright Vacuums
Oreck Bagged Vacuum

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Great When its Working


We bought one of these and liked it so much we purchased a second one for upstairs use. Orecks are powerful vacuums that are so much lighter and easier to manuever than other vacuums its ridiculous. It makes me wonder how other vacuums weigh so much! Anyways over a 2-3 year period we had few problems and they worked great. I'm not sure what went wrong but we had problems with a belt on one of the vacuums, got it fixed, then had belt problems on the other vacuum. Repairs/replacements for both of them at the Oreck store cost ab out what a new vacuum would cost. A few months later, same thing happens again. We haven't paid to have it repaired yet and have just been using the other one, and I just hope it doesn't begin having belt problems too...not sure if this is just a fluke thing, the brand seems to have such a good reputation, but reliability has been an issue for us. Otherwise, and when working, these vacuums really do the job!

Madison, AL


This is great for those of us who can lift alot


I resently hurt my shoulder and it seemed everytime I vacuumed it made it worst.  Well I decided to try oreck. Boy im glad I did. now I vacuum and not a problem one with my arm. Its light weight and pretty powerful. I didnt think I would ever buy another bag vacuum cleaner again.,after I used the kind that you just empty.But everytime I vacuumed with my old one i had to go back to the doctor and well i decided to quilt vacuuming and leave it to my husband. gee you know how that goes cause i got tired of waiting for him to vacuum. so I bought this oreck. glad I did.Oh and the bags I bought to go with it are great. They are the type cc bag and they really keep the dust down and in the bag not the air.They cost a litttle more but are really worth it.

Euless, TX


My Oreck vacuum cleaner is so easy to use.


I like my upright Oreck vacuum cleaner because it is easy for me to use since I am small.  It is lightweight, powerful, and easy to maneuver under and around items.  I can go back and forth between my carpet and linoleum/hardwood floors without doing any adjusting.  I have had it for about 15 years and it is still going strong.  Only recently did I take it in to have the original belt replaced and normal maintenance done.  The replacement belt actually came with the vacuum when I bought it.  If I ever have to buy another vacuum, it will definitely, only be an Oreck. 

San Mateo, CA


Oreck Bagged Vacuum

4.7 3