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Oreck Commercial
Oreck 8 lb. Upright Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

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Oreck is a good vacuum


It is an okay vacuum but I will not buy another one. It has a few nice features, but my vacuum I bought 20 years ago (different brand) has held up better and required less maintenance and work than this one. I expected more from an Oreck so I am a bit let down by the product. Maneuverability One of the good features of this vacuum is the fact it is very light weight and moves easily. I can easily get under my living room tables and other smallish spots because of the shape of the vacuum. Ease of Maintenance This is one area where we have had constant issues. It seems like there is always something needing to be done to this vacuum. It either needs a new belt, or a new roller head, a new bag,(I mean the main bag not the dirt bags) or to be cleaned because it's not working correctly. We have spent more on maintenance than the vacuum cost initially. Suction Performance Most of the time the suction is good. I do like the fact it will work on regular floors as well as carpeted. So if you need to run it over a wood flood, tile floor, or laminate it will work well on every surface. Versatility I do not like that it doesn't come with the extensions. If you want to clean around the walls or under the couch you will have to buy the extra little vacuum set to do that. Most vacuums come with all those little pieces where you can attach them easily, but this vacuum does not. Design It is very lightweight and easy to use. It is easy to change the bag and get right back to vacuuming. Durability I have had this vacuum for a number of years but only because we have spent a lot on maintenance. Yes, it has held up and still works, but had we not spent so much on maintenance it would have been in the trash a long time ago.



A Real Work Horse Oreck XL2100 8lb.Upright Commercial Vacuum!


I totally love this work horse of a vacuum. My last Oreck Vacuum lasted for twenty years. I knew my next vaccuum would be an Oreck. Oreck vacuums are made in the USA and that speaks for itself. This Commercial Vacuum weighs eight pounds and that is great for anyone with a medical condition that is weight lifting restrictive. This vacuum is easy to get under end tables, coffee tables and under beds. The handle tilts low, which allows the vacuum cleaner to get under beds and other pieces of furniture. The bag is easy to change and the belt is very easy to change as well. The suction is absolutely fantastic. This is my dream vacuum. It almost wants to propel itself. This vacuum has a super long electric cord. I like the fact I do not have to be plugging and unplugging the cord very often. This vacuum cleaner is fantastic for deep cleaning. It is great to vacuum furniture, such as sofas or a bed mattress. I simply wipe the unit down first. The most maintenance you will have to do, is changing the bag, change the belt, very simple to do, and I always look at the rotating brush and cut loose any hair that is caught in the brush. If you do these simple things your unit will last you many years.

Indianapolis, IN


Oreck 8 lb. Upright Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

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