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Orchard Supply Hardware
Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) Ready to Use Potting Soil

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OSH for veggies & flowers: I'm dishing out more dirt!


Two weeks ago I took the plunge and planted in pots.  I used *SuperSoil*  [SuperSoil-Potting-Soil-review-c16c3][1] **  **for my peppers.  I used **OSH** (Ochard Supply Hardware, a *Sears *affiliate) **Ready To Use Potting Soil **for my small tomatoes. Thus far, I prefer either or both to the *MiracleGro* soil I've used previously.  An excellent online garden expert pointed out that *MiracleGro*, the more expensive brand, simply doesn't like to absorb water.  Boy!  Did that strike home with me!  I'd already found that *MiracleGro* tended to cake in large pieces and frequently needed stirring up to enable water absorption.  Until I used **OSH** and *SuperSoil*, I'd thought that was *normal*!  **** **OSH Soil** holds water well although not as well as *SuperSoil*.  (Now I wish I'd put my tomatoes in the *SuperSoil* and my peppers in the **OSH**.)   Although **OSH** has added fertilizers, they are intended to last for three or four weeks only.  Total Nitrogen is 0.19% with 0.00002 Nitrate Nitrogen, 0.11000 Water Soluble Nitrogen and 0.08000 Water Insoluble Nitrogen.  *SuperSoil* 's added fertilizers last about three months. **OSH Potting Soil** works for indoor and outdoor potting and can be used for flowers or veggies.  I like this stated versatility.  I can feel confident about doing right by my plantings and won't have to leave any partially-filled bags around from one season to the next. Like *SuperSoil*, **OSH** adds wetting agents to its formula to help retain water.  I've added a little more to both soils since my plants really get baked in California sunshine.  Unlike my Dad's Midwestern garden, my Eagle Rock garden will be pretty much deprived of humidity, as well. **OSH Potting Soil** includes these *Ingredients: Redwood and fir products (ground bark and wood fiber), Peat Moss, Sand, and Perlite.*  My 1-cubic-foot, 20 pound bag is especially good for plants grown in large containers (about 12" deep or more). The **OSH** bag, however, notes that its contents will fill: 48 four-inch pots; 16 six-inch pots; 10 one-gallon pots; three 10-inch pots and -- with two-and-1/3 bags more -- a 25-gallon container. Looks like I have a lot of latitude with **OSH Ready to Plant Potting Soil**.  I'll post comparison photos on this site in about a month. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/SuperSoil-Potting-Soil-review-c16c3


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Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) Ready to Use Potting Soil

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