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Orchard Bank - Visa

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They closed my account because it was paid off and "inactive"


I recieved a letter yesterday indicating that Orchard Bank closed my account - the reason - it was paid off and I hadn't used it.  So after all of the hard work to pay down my credit cards I'm losing credit because I'm not using the cards.  They clearly only want customers they can charge high interest rates and annual fees to. When I called to express my frustration they offered to allow me to apply for a new credit card.  Not a chance.  I'll take my busienss to someone who values customers.  Don't use this company - it's not worth building credit with them only to have it taken away once you're managing your credit wisley.

Naperville, IL


This is a must have for people with imperfect credit


I had credit problems from when I was first old enough to get credit cards.  Enough time had passed where a lot of my old bills were starting to fall off of my credit report, but I still could not get a credit card.  Orchard Bank sent me an email, and I decided, what the heck, it is worth a try.  I applied and got it!  I was so excited, no more pre-paids for me.  I received the card, and kept using it and paying it off.  Within a year, they offered me another credit card, and so did Capital One.  I applied for the Capital One card and also got that one!  My credit is on the uphill after almost 10 years, and it is so exciting!  Orchard Bank is to thank. Seriously, if you need to start over, try them.  They helped me!  Happy Credit!

Killeen, TX


Orchard Bank - Visa

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