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Orbit Baby
Orbit Baby Toddler seat

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I used orbit baby toddler seat for my first son & we love it


I bought Orbit Baby car seat year ago n we just love it. It has all characters what we want like safety, comfortable and durable. I love it because of its base that allows the seat to rotate and makes it easier for me to put my toddler in. However, without the base, it's just a piece of very expensive toddler car seat. The harness is very hard to pull most of the time. I own this car seat for over a year now and I still couldn't figure it out how to fasten it smoothly, and most cases took me longer that I care to spend on strapping my toddler in his seat. The idea is great with the stroller, but, this seat is very heavy, my baby is about 30 lbs, add the weight of the seat, it is IMPOSSIBLE for me move the seat to the stroller. My husband is much bigger and fitter than me but he broke a sweat trying. He could, but not as easy as pictured in our heads when we bought the stroller, so we had to return it. Because of the inconvenience I am really torn in rating this product. For its rotating awesomeness, it deserves a 10, but, minus the inconvenience and heaviness. I give it a 4 because it's definitely better than most seats out there. It could be a 5. I would give it a 5 if it doesn't make me rearrange the harness each time.

Bristow, VA


Orbit Baby Toddler Seat, Can I be Honest?


Can I be honest with you about this line?  When I saw this line for the first time at a specialty store I was all over it.  Then when I got it for my Baby Shower I was so excited.  The infant carrier and stroller were so easy to use.  And my son loved sleeping in it and always felt very confortable in it.  Then at four months when he grew out of that we purchased the toddler seat.  And I have to be honest, I hate it?  I can't lift it, he sits so upright that when he falls asleep his head hangs and it doesn't look comfortable.  It is hard to turn in the base and it is a pain if you just want to put it in the car without the base.  And then taking him out when he is asleep is even worse.  If you have it strapped in by a seatbelt you have to take the baby out before you take them out.  So not worth it.  Since having the toddler seat I haven't used the stroller but twice so I really don't see value here.

Napa, CA


i trust and fell like my child is safe when we go out


i purchused a booster seet for my child and i i was very causis about what to look for alot of the booster seats i looked at only straped at the bottom and this one was like a car seat but straped in with the seat belt my son looks comfortable and i feel like it was a good investment on my part.

Lacey, WA


the orbit baby toddler seat is easy to use


the orbit baby toddler seat is easy to use easy on the pocketbook comes in nice colors and the the kids seem to like sitting in them and there easy to use for the parents who have to put there kids in them there not like some which are so hard to use and are bulky and clumsy to use the safety rating on them is good  and they never been recall for any reason so out of all the toddler baby cars seats out there I think this one is the best for kids who have to sit in them and parents who have to put there kids in them and I rate the the orbit baby toddler seat at five stars here are some reason to use the orbit baby toddler seat easy to use fun for kids to sit in nothing to assemble the only con I can come up with is your kid may not want get out of it so in my opinion you would be nuts not to purchase the orbit baby toddler seat one last thing there nice to sit in and kids like them a lot.

Spokane, WA


Orbit Baby Toddler seat

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