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Orange GLO
Orange Glo Hardwood Floor Cleaner

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Orange Glo works and smells great !


Orange Glo is so easy to apply. I have a shark steamer so I always start with a clean spot free floor. Simply squirt the Orange Glo out over a 4 x 4 foot area and spread it out with a clean damp wet cloth. I use the Orange Glo mop and pad and this really makes the job quick and painless. The directions state that it takes 15 minutes to dry but my floors are always completely dry in less time. With dogs and cats not wanting to stay off the floors for long the quick dry works well for our family. If one of the animals do happen to walk over a spot before it completely dries I just go over the little paw prints real quick and you can't tell that spot was a "re-do" . I love the smell and the beautiful shine that Orange Glo leaves. It makes the room smell so clean and fresh. Although it doesn't cover deeper scratches it does a good job at covering the smaller ones. I have probably used over twenty bottles of this since we put laminate floors down about two years ago. I don't have anything negative to say about it, even the price is reasonable.     

Hamilton, GA


Orange Glo for Hardwoods is the only way to go!


I LOVE this product.  I have tried many different products on our wood floors.  This is the only one that I use now. I will even go out of my way to go to a different grocery store than my usual to get this product.  We have all wood floors in our house.  I wanted something that would be gentle on the wood floors, but was easy to use and that would retain some shine.  This is the magic product that does it all!  I use a swifter with a dry cloth attached to apply this to my wood floors.  Then, I just go around and apply the product to the room I'm working on.  It makes it look fantastic really quick!  I can get a room done in minutes!  And, it has a very light clean smell...kind of citrusy.   If you want something that works, is safe on your floors, but still gives it a shine, this is the product for you!  It doesn't cost a lot, so give it a try! (I buy at least 4 bottles at a time!)  Enjoy!

Cayce, SC


This product doesn't work!


After seeing a T.V. commercial about Orange Glo Hardwood Floor Cleaner I purchased a bottle at my grocery store. I used it and it did not work as I had hoped. I have heart pine floors that are sealed with polyurethene and had placed a heavy antique rocker in my den with no protection for the floor  (not a smart idea). Of course the rocker was used a lot and scratched the floor. I saw the commercial and thought that this cleaner would be great because they show that the product covers scratches. It didn't cover scratches, not even the minor scratches. It did however do a great job of cleaning the floor. Still it was disappointing to me that the product didn't perform as promised with regard to the scratches. The cost of the product was great, and it's easy to use. I'm giving this product a one star rating only because I specifically bought it because I wanted to take care of the scratches on the floor. and it didn't work. If you are buying this product to clean your floors it's a great choice and does leave a beautiful shine.      

Macon, GA


Orange Glo Hardwood floor cleaner makes my floors shine


Orange Glo Hardwood Floor Cleaner makes my hardwood floors shine!  I had never before lived in a home with hardwood floors and really did not know how to take care of them.  My local superstore had an Orange Glo Hardwood floor cleaner kit with the mop, the cleaner pad and the cleaner.  The instructions were very easy to follow.  The cleaner pad washes up very nicely.  I have never had to replace it.  The spray is easily found in grocery stores and superstores.  It is not very expensive.  I also love the smell after I have mopped. I am a neat freak and like my house to be clean, but I also have two small boys, a husband and a dog.  I need things that work and do not waste a lot of my time.  My floors have never looked better.  Several people, even my mother-in-law, asked me what I was doing to make the floors look so good - an extreme compliment from one of the pickiest people I know!  I highly recommend Orange Glo Hardwood Floor Cleaner to everyone.

Moncks Corner, SC


Orange Glo Hardwood Floor Cleaner Rejuvinates your wood floors


My hardwood floors are over twenty years old and were looking very tired, with mystery stains and spots.  Orange Glo hardwood Floor cleaner really brought them back to life in three easy steps.  Just vacuum, mist and wipe.  Vacuum or sweep to remove loose dirt, then mist the floor with the easy spray bottle, and wipe with a damp cleaning pad.  For spots just spray directly and they wipe right off.  Don't dilute.  Clean mop when dirty.  My floors looked good for several weeks with regular vacuuming and sweeping in between.

Jonesboro, AR


Orange Glo Hardwood Floor Cleaner

4.2 5