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Oral-B ProfessionalCare DLX OxyJet Center

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Makes me feel so clean


My kids always put on a fight in the morning and at night when it was time to brush their teeth, well after our last dental visit and lots of fillings later I went and bought the Oral B Professional Care 8900 DLX OxyJet Center Toothbrush and made my kids brush with it. And boy did they love it, there was no argument and no I don't want to, they couldn't wait to brush after each meal, before and after bed, after school, sometimes I even think they made up a reason to brush, which that's what I was hoping for. The electric tootbrush is so much better cleaning wise then the regular manual one, it reaches in areas you would never go or stay long enough to really clean, once you are done you have that dentist clean feel for a long time, I feel and see a differnece usuing the Oral B- and our dentist did , too, at our last check up we had no fillings and got all A's for a job well done, I can't say it was all our good brushing because we had a little help from oral B ...BUT it is worth it, try it, you will love the Oral B- Professional Care 8900 DLX OxyJet Center Toothbrush

Lakeland, FL


My gums and teeth much healthier with Braun's toothbrush.


I switched from a regular dentist's give-away toothbrush to the Braun electric toothbrush and irrigator just over a year ago.  I just returned from the dentist who noticed a huge improvement in my gums and how little plaque there was to clean off my teeth.  She actually asked me if I had switched to a Braun electric toothbrush, knowing that must be the reason.  The toothbrush is great.  It's spinning head is so thorough, I don't need to put much pressure on it, which reduces my chances of receiding gums.  I like the thirty second timer, which allows me to concentrate on each four areas of my mouth for the total time of two minutes.  The irrigator part of the toothbrush set is especially wonderful, as it gets at food in lodged in crevices where a toothbrush can't reach. After brushing I always use it as a rinse, and I don't feel the need for mouthwash to complete my regime.  The housing is neat and tidy, with a place for everything, including four toothbrush and four irragator heads, that tuck away discretely.  I'll never use a manual toothbrush again!

Chicago, IL


Oral-B Professional Care 8900 Electric Toothbrush is the best


My husband bought me an Oral-B professional care 8900 electric toothbrush one Christmas and I have used it   for several years now. I love the combination of toothbrush and waterjet. It is always charged and ready to use. I think because of its convenience I use often. The waterjet gets right in between my teeth and removes small pieces of food that I thought I had gotten out with flossing. The toothbrush is a geat size for getting around my mouth and to the back of my teeth. Prior to using the Oral-B electric toothbrush and waterjet my teeth always felt like there was a coating left on them and when I used to go for my 6 month dental cleaning he would always "encourage" me to floss more.  Since using the Oral-B professional care 8900 electric toothbrush I get glowing praise from my dentist. There is never any bleeding and he is always saying I have such good home care. I owe it all to my oral-b toothbrush and waterjet. I would recommend it to everyone.

Houston, TX


Good little toothbrush/waterpik combo


I used the Oral-B Professional Care 8900 toothbrush/waterpik combo before recently getting the Sonicare Flexcare toothbrush to replace it. The Oral-B electric toothbrush works fairly well, I quickly found and stuck with the floss action brush heads for the toothbrush, they offered a much better clean then the original brush heads given with the system when I originally purchased it. The waterpik that is part of this set works very well and is great for cleaning your teeth just after you have ate, it leaves your gums feeling as if they have just been flossed. The waterpik has two different modes, one that is almost like a massage mode and another that is just a solid jet of water, downside of the waterpik in this combo is it produces quite a bit of noise while pumping the water to create the pressure. While the Oral-B toothbrush with the right brush heads works fairly well I would say it isn't as good as the Sonicare Flexcare for an overall clean.

Conrad, MT


Oral-B Professional Care 8900 Electric Toothbrush is durable.


I admit, I like nice teeth. My parent's spent a fortune straightening mine. The Oral-B Professional Care 8900 Electric Toothbrush has been around for awhile. I've used mine for several years with great results. I like the gum massage and feel I do a better job cleaning my mouth with this electric toothbrush. I find it whitens my teeth without undo effort on my part. Luckily, replacement brushes are easy to find. I encourage you to store the Oral-B covered under the counter or somewhere so it is more sanitary being saved from other peoples sneezes and germs. Still remember using the Oral-B Professional Care 8900 Electric Toothbrush does not mean you should not floss daily. Don't hesitate to brush your tongue as they do in other countries. Your mouth will feel amazingly refreshed. If you buy this product use care to prolong the brush head's life. Avoid letting toothpaste pack into the brush head base because that shorts the brush head's life.

Moundville, MO


The Oral-B 8900 keeps on going, and going, and going...


This is an older (Braun) Oral-B product, but in case someone is thinking of buying one (on the secondary market or such), I want to help them be armed with the same information as they would were they buying the hottest new thing... This toothbrush may not be the newest model, but I am proud to recommend it to anyone because, it is one durable piece of equipment - I have had this toothbrush for ...5 to maybe closer to 10 years! (Not with the same brushead, of course!) And it's still - knock wood! - in top condition! On that alone, it is a solid value ...and as for the results it promises - my gums were rather compromised when I began using and, no matter what toothbrush a person uses, you still need to floss for the best oral health, but, this did whiten (polish...) my teeth and does keep them smooth, and it feels like a healthy massage for my gumline. The only tip I would offer for longevity is, the (detachable, replaceable) brush head itself has a little weep-hole at the front and back of its neck, I know it would be hard to not get toothpaste in there while brushing but, try the best you can and if you can, do try to cover the weep-holes w/ your fingers when rinsing the brush head ...I believe it will keep the brush head - and as a result, the tip of the toothbrush body - from getting any rust. I let water get in there all the time and after a lot of that it started to oxidize a bit (but then I got a new brush head and, no problem). Other than that, this is purely cosmetic, I try to keep the charging station tucked away, because it has numerous nooks and crannies that are magnets for dust and hard to keep up with cleaning. So if you're thinking about buying this toothbrush and saving money over a newer model, I would say DO IT ...and don't forget to floss! :)

Harrisburg, PA


Oral-B ProfessionalCare DLX OxyJet Center

4.7 6