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Orahealth CankerMelts

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Took a few days to work


I have suffered from canker sores since I was a little girl and they can cause so much pain that I am unable to speak or eat. I have tried so many pain relief products that have not worked so out of desperation I purchased the OraHealth CankerMelts one day. I immediately threw one in my mouth and spit it out because it was not what I expected. It did not melt quickly and tasted quite odd. I decided to read the instructions and applied as directed to the canker sore and it did finally dissolve. I had almost given up on the third day but I woke up that morning and could instantly notice a reduction in the pain and irritation. I continued to use until it was gone and this was the first product that had reduced the healing time. I did not experience any kind of negative side effects while using this product. I was very impressed with it and continue to buy it for my canker sore pains. I would recommend this product. It is great at helping me heal the sores faster.



Surpringly effective


I get cancre sores probably once a month on average, and more often when I'm run down or sick. They start out small and become painful and then the pain increases as the ulcer enlarges over the next 2 or 3 days before finally beginning to heal. I got a box to try, because I had nothing to lose (free after rebate). Next time I got a sore, I used one overnight on the first day of pain. It is a very weird treatment. If the sore is on the inside of your lip, it's easy enough to stick the hard disk against it and just keep your mouth closed to hold it in place. It's supposed to soften after a few minutes, but it took a lot longer than that for me. I went to sleep and it still wasn't soft yet. It softened up overnight though. There was a glob of snotty stuff stuck to my tooth the morning, but I was very pleasantly surprised when I had no pain at all that day, nor the following day and the cancre healed up immediately. It's possible it was a coincidence, because so far I have only used it that one occasion, but I will absolutely use them again the next time I even think I'm getting another one. Definitely worth a try.  

Sumter, SC


Orahealth CankerMelts

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