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Optimus H7004 Ceramic Electric Utility/Portable Heater

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Decent Heater


This heater does a pretty good job at heating, but it also has its drawbacks. Performance This heater does a good job of heating up a room quickly, and when the thermostat is set correctly it can shut off at the correct time to stay on all night without getting too hot. Ease of Use The thermostat makes this difficult to use, but otherwise it is pretty simple. Design The design of the thermostat switch needs improvement. Instead of being base on specific temperatures, it depends where the knob is and when it is turned down. To set the thermostat, you turning all the way up and turn the heater on. Then when the room reaches the desired temperature, you slowly turn the knob down slowly until the heater shuts off. It will then run until it reaches the temperature that it was set on and shut off automatically when it is warm enough. But if you turn it off at 72 degrees, then that does not mean the knob is always set at 72 degrees in that particular position. Our son will occasionally play with the knobs, and if we set it back to the same position where it had been, then it will still not shut off at the same temperature. So we need to go through the whole process of turning it all the way up and the down when he room is the right temperature. This heater could be much improved if it had a simple thermostat switch that could be set to a particular temperature.



Not very powerful, doesn't warm the surroundings that much


If you are relatively close to this product, you will feel the warmth. It really doesn't change the ambient temperature very much. Compared to my standard radiator where I can feel if it's on at about 15 feet, this device isn't noticeable at 10 feet. The heating coils are not exposed but you still need to keep some distance from this device. Performance The fan setting doesn't blow warm air around. The two warming settings don't use the fan (so the heat is stationary). I have owned this for a year. (Six months of use from December 2011- March 2012 and from October 2012-January 2013 and it still works) Ease of Use There is a dial with 4 settings-- off, fan, I, and II. There is a separate dial that controls the temperature. When the heater reaches the temperature, it cycles off (similar to an oven). The cycling off is indicated by a small light on the device turning off. Once the temperature drops again, it will cycle back on. I find myself constantly checking "did I turn it off" before I leave for the day. Durability I've owned it for a year and used it heavily for 6 months. It still works but I don't have a longer range of information. Design The heating coils aren't exposed to the air so I'm less worried about burning myself on it. However, this means the device doesn't put out a lot of heat.



Optimus H7004 Ceramic Electric Utility/Portable Heater

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