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Small, Quiet and powerful cooling fan


We have a large window air condioner/fan in our bedroom but sometimes it gets too cold, too noisy or too expensive to use so we bought this little table fan. This little guy has really helped out so much. It's a small, quiet little fan that we place on top of the dresser and point it towards us. It works so quietly that I don't even notice it's on during the night. I can sometimes be sound sensitive so I will hear it oscillating or spinning and it could keep me up at night. This one doesn't at all. It has two speeds, low and high. At the lowest level, it cools us and the room down immensely. If it's a warm night, we'll use the low spped. If its really warm, we will use the high speed. Even the high speed is pretty quiet which also impresses me. The energy used by this fan is a lot less than that used by our air conditioning unit, so we end up using it a lot more. Unless it's stifling hot and humid and I'm a raging, irritated monster. Then the a/c gets turned on. I have to advise you, though. Because we use it pretty frequently, it does tend to accumulate dust quickly on the blades and faceplate. It is quite easy to disassemble and clean. It's just that you may end up doing this often.

Sherman Oaks, CA


Optimus Fan

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