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Smoothing Shampoo
Optimum Optimum Shampoo

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Optimum Shampoo is a conditioning detangeler that smooths hair.


Hi,Iam Ms.Bradley and I've gotten a chance to experience thi relaxing feel of Optimum Shampoo.It is good for hair that tangles or that has split end.The shampoo is not to heavy for  the hair it goes on smooths and cases the client to losen up any tension that they are feeling.It soft on the hand-if you have rough hand-when you use this hair product your hands a fill soft.You can notice sometime when you wash your hair with other shampoos your hair can feel dry and uncomfortable to comb.With this perticular shampoo you can comb with ease.It gives the hair a shine and it cleans thoroughly.You'll never hear your client say "you are hurting my head"or my hair is so tangled.Some client have split ends however it mend all those broken ends together.It is good on hair that has been damaged by color or perm.It can bring its natural look back to it.When color has made the hair weak it can strengthen it.Especially when the hair no bounce.Sometimes the hair can get so week from color until it becomes stiff.This particular shampoo can have hair healthy again.Perm sometimes cause damage hair by making hair rough and Optimum Shampoo also cause it to become healthy again.You can use this shampoo on all types of hair.The use of this hair item will have you looking and feeling geat again.Thank You.

Charleston, MS


Optimum Optimum Shampoo

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