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Great boots store


With Fall coming, we were looking for a new pair of Ugg boots. We found exactly what we were looking for very quickly, and this is a site I definitely plan to use again. Ease of Use The search bar is accurate in the results that it brings back (gives what you're looking for without a lot of other results that don't fit what you want). The navigation drop-down menus are also very accurate and easy to use. I was able to find exactly what I was looking for within about a minute of getting on the site, and the checkout process was also very quick. Product Selection This site has a very wide selection of brands, styles, and colors. It takes quite awhile to get through all of the options of a particular brand or style simply because they have so many that fit the options, but it is fun to sort through, and it provides a lot of options. Product Pricing The prices on the site are very reasonable, and a good bit cheaper than some other sites. The Ugg boots that we found were about $40 cheaper than on the Ugg site itself. Shipping and Returns This site offers free shipping, free returns, and a 365 day return policy. It is one of the best policies I have seen on a site like this.



Great Selection in Hard-to-Find Sizes and Colors


This past Christmas, I was looking for a specific pair of Ugg boots to give my daughter for a gift. I first checked out the Ugg website to find their list of authorized retailers (to make sure I didn't run the risk of getting a knock-off) and OnlineShoes.com was included on their list. This was my first experience at OnlineShoes.com, and I have to say it was a pleasant one. I was thrilled that they carried the exact pair of boots I was looking for in a wide range of sizes. My gift-recipient wears a sometimes hard-to-find size and so it was nice that OnlineShoes had the right sized boots I needed in stock. And in the preferred color. I placed my order easily--and even though this was during the holiday season--my order arrived exactly as anticipated. The boots were packaged securely and protectively, and the original Ugg's box had no dings or dents of any kind. I was very happy to give a gift that was exactly what she wanted, with the ability to return them if for some reason they didn't fit. (They did!) Overall, I was extremely pleased with my OnlineShoes.com experience from beginning to end.

Chicagoland, IL



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