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Oneida Immaculate 18/10 Stainless Steel Cookware

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All around Great


Trying to find me another set I can afford but I will get me some more. All of mine was stolen and it took me 40 years to have all and I'm starting to build my kitchen back up. But I really miss my pans didn't realize just how much. I love to cook and bake but not with cheap items. Can't wait to get more.


Parsons Kansas


I would definitely buy this product


I've used my set over 20 years. I gifted my daughter my first complete set of Oneida Immaculate pots and I've recently started collecting a new smaller set. My daughter is still using my original set for daily family meals and it is still in beautiful shape. Using bar keepers friend cleaner and polisher has helped keep the pots clean and clear of any stains. Both sets are in great condition with immediate and regular cleaning and drying. Oneida Immaculate has been at work in my home through a long line of children and grandchildren. Great Product for a lifetime.


Saint Cloud, Florida


AGREED EXACTLY! With the other two comments here.


HOWEVER! I have had TWO of the knobs break off. The first one I don't know how, the second, I just bumped it when taking out of the drawer and the screw shank snapped off so the whole knob must be replaced, which is how I found this site: Looking for replacements. I HAVE found some identical cookware in stores, which have identically shaped knobs, but are made of only steel. That might be a better idea, and you could then also put them on other pans that go into the oven. The non-stick coating doesn't stand up, but then I have never had any that did, no matter HOW delicately it was handled. Going off to look for more info...............




Very reliable cookware


I actually "inherited" pieces of the **Oneida Immaculate 18/10 Stainless Steel Cookware** from a family friend, so I do not have a complete set, however the pieces that I have are very nice. In particular the medium sized sauce pan/pot is something that we use every day (sometimes multiple times per day, actually!). It is a perfect size for heating up anything from pasta to soup to rice to vegetables. The reinforced bottom helps it to boil water very quickly, and it cooks food evenly and consistently. The stainless steel also cleans up very easily, and I love that the handles don't get hot. As a previous reviewer mentioned, the clear glass lids are another plus. You can easily see what is happening with your food, and you don't need to open up the lid just to check if it is boiling/simmering/etc. I'm not sure of price because it was all given to me, however it seems to be very good quality, and is holding up much better than some other cookware pieces that I have in my rotation. Overall, I would definitely recommend Oneida for cookware. Though they are best known for silverware, this is another area that they can provide reliable, high quality kitchen equipment!****


Pittsburgh, PA


Very nice Oneida Set. Wish all the pieces were stainless steel.


I have been happy with this set, just wish all the pieces were stainless steel. Cleans up like a charm. The pieces with the coatings stratched, which is unappealing to look at. Small Saute pan, and the next size larger. Overall have been happy with the cooking and cleaning ease of all the pieces. Clear lids so you can see the food without having to take the cover off, unless you need to stir. The picture are just part of the set I have. But you can see what I mean by the coating on the small saute pan. To me Stainless Steel is very easy to clean up. From past experience ***Oneida*** makes good quality products, I think they missed the bus on the coating. I would purchase the ***Oneida Immaculate 18/10*** set again, just all stainless steel pieces. Love the clear lids, no need to pick up the lid to see how things are cooking. No steam, or should I say facial while dinner is cooking. ***Bottom line: Would make Oneida Immaculate purchase again, very heavy duty. Good set, with two flaws the saute pan and fry pan.***


Somewhere in Time, MI


Oneida Immaculate 18/10 Stainless Steel Cookware

4.6 5