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Jelly-Roll Pans
Oneida Commercial BakeWare

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Great bakeware!


This bakeware from Oneida really stands the test of time. I've had my Oneida cookie sheets and bread pans for ages. I'm pretty sure the cookie sheets were pilfered from my mom's collection at one time or another. They work really well. They're the largest cookie sheets I own so they get used for all kids of things. I don't actually bake cookies all that often anymore. With all the peanut allergies in school, home baked goods aren't allowed in my kids classrooms so I don't end up making them very often anymore. I still use the large cookie sheets for cooking ribs in the oven pretty often though. A little vegetable oil and some of my spice rub, is all the ribs need. I toss them on the cookie sheet, prep them there and cook them in the oven for a couple hours on low. I line the cookie sheet in tin foil to make clean up easier, but these sheets are nice enough that they come clean fairly easily anyways.

Southfield, MI


Just your basics


Very basic bake ware that wont last forever Performance All in all it seems to function fine, but the level of durability is in question and I don't think it would hold up for long. I have had a few things burn on the bottoms, even when I set my oven to the dark or non stick setting. I also have had some issues with sticking, even after I have sprayed with non stick spray, so I am not sure where that comes from Ease of Cleaning They are not super easy to clean. you could probably just throw them in the dishwasher, but I don't think that's good for what they are made out of and you might see some wear and spots on them earlier than you would if you hand washed. Durability I don't see them lasting much longer in my kitchen. They seem worn out and one has rust on it already Design They are your essential needs for basic baking, which I do like Doesn't Stick Sometimes I have more things stick than others, even when I spray them, so I am not sure why that happens, but I would say to always spray



Decent, basic bake ware


My husband gave me a set of this bakeware for a gift and I'm still using it five years later. Maybe it deserves a higher rating than a three, but although it has lasted, it does have some problems. First of all, the cookie sheet is stained and discolored like crazy. I hate that and I have tried many different things to clean it. No luck. I use this cookie sheet for broiling, baking, roasting, etc, so it has gotten a lot of use. I just hate the dark spots and the gooey spots where oil has baked on and I can't get it off. My set came with one baking sheet, one 12-muffin pan, two bread pans, and two circular cake/pie pans. I found it very hard to clean the muffin tins if I didn't use liners. I had to soak and soak the tins before I could get everything out. And this material is supposed to be non-stick. Same for the bread and cake pans--they must be oiled first or everything will stick and they are hard to clean. These are decent, but certainly no the best.

Jamestown, ND


Started out well....


I liked my loaf pans from Oneida. At first they were all exactly what I wanted, and my breads sprung out of them with no need to coax. Then all of the sudden, these pans began to hold onto my bread with no desire to let go! I have had to scrape out the last two loaves and have ended up with a bottomless loaf of bread both times! It is pretty hard to make sandwiches with that. The pan has now become blackened and uncleanable on the inside. In all honesty, I am probably going to throw it out. It is totally possible that I did something to ruin these pans, but I have no idea what that might be. When I first got them, they worked great and I had no problem whatsoever. I would estimate I have had them about 6 months, so that is way too quickly for a cooking product to break down. I am sincerely disappointed. I cannot recommend that you buy any of Oneida's bakeware - it didn't work out for me and I doubt it will for you!



Oneida Commercial BakeWare

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