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One Step Ahead
One Step Ahead Sit 'n Stand Elite Double Stroller

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Phenomenal stroller for 2 kids that aren't twins!


We love our double stroller!Our 2-1/2 year old loves the "captain's chair" that allows him to stand with a buckle firmly behind him at about waist level.  When he's tired of standing or wants to have a snack during our walk, he can sit down and a three-point harness buckles him safely in.While our 9-1/2 month old now enjoys the 5-point harness in the front-facing infant seat at the front, while she was still in her first carseat, it securely snapped in to the front compartment.  A buckle ran across around the middle of the carseat securely fastening in the carseat in case the other snap were to fail (which it never did for us).The only problem we had was with the brake units.  But when we advised One Step Ahead about our troubles, they FedExed the entire rear wheel/brake assembly and we had it on our doorstep in 2 business days.  They took us entirely at our word, and didn't require us to ship anything back.You can see from the product pictures ( that if both children need to be sitting forward-facing, that this can also be accommodated.  We've found it easier to allow our older child to have the option to sit or stand, and this then dictates which direction he faces.A very good product which we would (and have) recommend(ed) to anyone!

Redding, CA


Good for one use, but don't plan on handing it down!


I thought this would be a great stroller as my kids are a few years apart so a I needed one to carry a heavier child and an infant. It was great when we were out and about, but took up my whole trunk and I had to take the tray off to get it in still. The storage is hard to get to and it needs more shade for the children to be under. Then I noticed the baby was falling out the front of it and saw the buckle had split at the seem! The company isn't standing behind it and it is over 90 days so the big box store isn't either! The worst part is it was purchased with the intent of getting handed down to my brother for his future children. So much for that!

Evans Mills, NY


great for two kids


This stroller gets a ton of use as I have two children and also watch two others. Someone is always in this strollers be it the 4 year old, 2 year old, 1 year old or 6 month old. This stroller has options for all of them. I love the captains seat in the back for the older children as it allows them to easily get in and out while we are out and about but also keeps them safely in place when I need them to be. I love that the front seat has a carseat attachment that lets me easily attach my youngest carseat to. My only complaint with the product is how difficult it is to get to the storage compartment when two children are in the stroller. If often requires removal of one of the children to get something (which we all know is a hassle when you are on the go). The easiest spot to access the bag is from the front but the opening is not large enough for my bulky diaper bag (but with 4 children in tow of course my bag would be bulky). All in all I love having this stroller. It has made outing with my group possible.

Glenshaw, PA


You need this if you have two young kids!


I bought this stroller before the birth of my second child as I knew I would need something to cart my newborn and my 18 month old in. This stroller got tons of use during the first few months, and some rough use but it is still working and looking great. You really need this stroller if you have two little ones. There is plenty of room for both the kids without feeling like it is too large. Obviosly, it is large, It is a double stroller after all, but I didnt think it was as large as I expected it to be. There is a great storage area underneath which I use often. I love that it can hold my infants car seat and then can be converted to a normal stroller and then to a sit and stand when my son is ready. It is such a versatile stroller. I am sure I will get many years of use out of this stroller. I have also figured out that I can put my daughters car seat sideways in the back seat and it fits very securely, that way I dont have to put the infant in the front like was inteded. If my toddler wants to sit in the front then I have that flexibility!

Sioux Falls, SD


One Step Ahead Sit 'n Stand Elite Double Stroller

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