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One Step Ahead
One Step Ahead Portable Bed Bolster

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love portability


My family and I do a good amount of traveling. So, when we were looking for a rail for our daughters bed once we converted it we were surprised to find this portable one. It is as easy as you could possibly get to install one. And its size was great for her still crib sized mattress. But it can also be used with a larger mattress like when she stays at grandma's or her aunt's house. She especially likes to cuddle up against it and she can do that because it is soft. I think she sees it as a body pillow while my husband and i like the security it provides us knowing it is keeping her safe in her bed. I was even able to sew a custom cover for it to match her other room decor so it really blends in with her furniture quite well. The price was a little more than we really wanted to pay for this sort of item, but looking back we're glad we did. I woudl say if you're not sure about whether or not to purchase this item, take the plunge!

York, PA


Good for toddlers


When me and my husband bought a 'big boy' bed for my four year old son, we were worried that he might fall or roll of it when he was sleeping. The sales rep at the store recommended that we purchase a bed bolster so I picked one up before we set the bed up. I bought the portable bed bolster because it is great for when we travel to hotels or on a vacation. I can blow it up so that I can put it on his bed in the hotel so that he can sleep safely. This bed bolster is very easy to blow up, and it stays nice and inflated when I do blow it up. My son says that it has helped him not to fall off the bed many times. In order for it not to roll off, i put blankets or pillows behind it so that if my son does bump into it, it does not roll off the bed at night. This bolster is very strong and made of a good material. Another feature I like about it is that it is easy to store. All I need to do is deflate it and it is ready to go.

Preston, CT


One Step Ahead Portable Bed Bolster

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