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One Source
One Source Multivitamin for teens

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Only one I could find with iron


It's very hard to find a multivitamin that has iron in it. My grandson suffers from extreme anemia even though he eats meat. He has been so sick from the anemia that is passed out has muscle weakness and is very tired all the time period One Source team has pretty much made his life good again.

Jackson, Mo


One Source vitamins....cheaper than other brands!


The One Source multivitamins for teens is a rather run of the mill delivery system for multivitamins. The pills taste really bad and should be taken with something that can mask the unpleasant taste, The "advanced formula" formulated especially for teens seems to have a little more iron and vitamin B12, copper and zinc, but doesn't seem to have any real special ingredients. The best thing is the price which was about half of the price other leading competitors and seems to have much the same ingredients (but with vitamins it is important how well your body can absorb them and not just pass them directly through) and was tolerated well by all who took them. If I were to have a limited budget to spend on vitamins then I think these make an adequate substitute for more expensive brands and you can buy about twice as much for the same price. You might want to alternate with another source periodically, but these ain't half bad.

Saint Louis, MO


One Source Multivitamin for teens

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