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One A Day
One A Day Women's Prenatal Multivitamin

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A+ so far...


My husband has always said I do a great job of staying healthy but that I should also be taking a daily vitamin. So I bought a bottle (or later would find out multiple bottles but different brands) but would complain that taking the vitamins made me feel nauseous. So here we are a few years later talking about starting our family and going to our beginning appointments about TTC. I was told to try this brand of prenatal along with Calcium pills. My stomach was already turning at the thought of having to swallow a horse pill & now a fish oil pill + 2 calcium pills. These pills so far have been wonderful. I have a little trouble swallowing the prenatal pill but I have always had a hard time with larger pills. The fish oil pill has a smooth outer covering that helps it go down easy. No fishy aftertaste or "fishy burps" like I have heard some complain about when taking a fish oil pill. I also experience no upset stomach!! My only complaint about these pills are the cost. I guess if you want a great prenatal you'll pay the price for it :)


Chicago, IL


One a Day Prenatal has it all!


When I decided I wanted to start trying to get pregnant my doctor told me to research a bunch of different prenatal vitamins. Most are very similar and/or identical. I have trusted the One A Day name with my other vitamin needs, so I obviously included them in my research. I react funny to most vitamins-even when I take them with food, I get nauseated. I had settled on the One A Day brand before because my stomach didn't react badly to the vitamins. I also liked that there is a vitamin as well as a fish oil DHA supplement. Most fish oil supplements leave a fishy taste in your mouth or on your breath, but this one doesn't at all! My stomach is very sensative to multivitamins, and after five months taking these, I am still having no side effects except that I feel great, my energy has increased, and my fingernails are no longer peeling. My hair looks shinier and healthier too! In my personal experience, I trust One A Day and have been very happy with all their products. I would definitely recommend this multivitamin for anyone who needs prenatal care.


Essex Junction, VT


one a day prenatal pack is great


I found these vitamins to be the easiest to swallow and keep down during my pregnancy. It was very nice to only have to buy one pack and get both my multivitamin and dha capsule. It is more expensive than buying the big bottles of prenatal multivitamins, but if you are then buying the dha capsules seperately it comes out to about the same price. And the DHA capsules do not have a fishy aftertaste or burps like some others! You also get fewer vitamins than when buying the big bottles of prenatal multivitamis, but the vitamins have a higher content of many of the vitamins and minerals than others that I have seen. I began taking them before I got pregnant and have continued taking them while I am nursing my daughter. They are high quality and worth the price. Also you can usually find one-a-day coupons online to use which makes them cheaper. I would definitely recommend these vitamins to any woman who is trying to get pregnant, is pregnant, or nursing.


Savannah, GA


I LOVE this Prenatal Vitamin


I have been using these vitamins  for over four years. I absolutely love them. My doctor was fine with me using them during both of my pregnancies. They are basically the same as prescription prenatals. The disadvantage? The expense. They are a bit pricey, so when they go on sale, I try to stock-up. There used to be coupons available inside the boxes, but the company stopped doing that, so that doesn't help matters. My doctor gave me samples of a prescription prenatal, and I tried them but didn't like those pills as much. I also like that they're easy to keep down once you ingest them. I only had a problem when I had really bad morning sickness, but I found that as long as I didn't have a lot of water in my stomach (and I didn't take them late at night), I was able to keep the vitamins down. I love these vitamins and plan on taking them until it is no longer necessary. I only wish they were a little cheaper!


Henrico, VA


Great prenatals!


I took the prenatals during my pregnancy with my daughter.  They are easy to take, small, odor-less and taste-less.  Unlike many prenatal vitamins, these are easy to keep down, even on an empty stomach - which is so common during the first trimester!! i also love these pills because there is a standard prenatal pill in addition to a DHA supplement for the baby's growing eyes and brain.  this is such an important nutrient, i'm glad one-a-day added it into their prenatal vitamins!! another very handy feature is that these packages come with a full one-month supply of vitamins, so you know just to purchase a new box on the first of every month.  with "pregnancy brain" it's so easy to forget small things like buying more vitamins, but it's so easy to remember once you get in the habit of doing it each month. overall, i was very pleased with these vitamins over any other that i tried (and i tried alot!).  i would highly recommend.


Jacksonville, NC


good for a weak stomach


Before I became pregnant nearly a year ago I knew I was going to need a prenatal vitamin with plenty of folic acid and iron.  I have a very weak stomach to begin with and knew right away that I was going to have difficulty keeping food down let alone prenatal vitamins down  I went on my search for the right vitamin since I had very severe nausea and vomiting the entire first trimester and a decent amount into the second trimester.  One a day prenatals were the only prenatal vitamin I could keep down- mind you there were a couple times when even they wouldnt stay down but considering it was necessary to take something to help my baby grow it seemed to work the best.  The iron did cause some stomach upset but taking it with food and earlier in the day was very helpful.  And while these pills were incredibly expensive compared to several other ones on the market,  I think they were well worth the extra cost.  


Manassas, VA


One A Day Women's Prenatal Multivitamin

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