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Once Letras
Once Letras Vanilla Cream Tequila

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Vanilla Tequila


This tequila was brought back from Mexico by a friend for Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone enjoyed it very thoroughly said it was a smooth wonderful bouquet tequila. It actually tasted like you were not drinking alcohol at all. I would definitely buy another bottle of this if I can find it in my area Independence Missouri

Independence Missouri


You'll love this Once Letras Vanilla Tequila! Trust me!


Tequila and I had one wild night many years ago and that was the end of our relationship aside from the occasional margarita. My cousin found a "tequileria" shop during our recent Mexican vacation and insisted that I try the *Once Letras Vanilla Tequila*. I resisted her entreaties for almost half an hour until I finally gave in just to shut her up. Once I tasted it, I was absolutely in love! This *Once Letras Vanilla Creme Tequila* is very dark brown in color and tastes, well, like the warm and yummy and vanilla that you'd taste in an ice cream, frosting, or whipped cream made with premium vanilla extract. It is absolutely delicious and warming without having any hint of containing tequila. That being said, this product contains only 18% alcohol which makes it 36 proof. You drink this *Once Letras Vanilla Creme Tequila* for flavor, not to go on a mission. We recently had about 15 people over and had them taste the *Once Letras Vanilla Tequila*. They all absolutely loved it, even the non-tequila drinkers and non-liquor drinkers. Everyone agreed that the flavor was delicious, flavorful, and something that they enjoyed. This product is sold only in Mexico. I brought home 2 bottles but I'm pretty sure that we will go through them in the next couple of months. I'll have to buy more next year! Highly recommended!

New Jersey, NJ


Once Letras Vanilla Cream Tequila

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