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Omron Happy Baby Food Grinder

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Omron Happy Baby Food Grinder: A Good But Not Great Grinder


Store bought baby food is convenient but it can get expensive. Even though there are 'best by' dates on the jars and containers, nothing really tastes as good as something that's fresh. When I had a broken jaw I had to eat a lot of baby food and drink a lot of smoothies to get my daily nutritional requirements and thankfully I was able to find enough fresh fruits and vegetables to keep from getting bored with what I was eating. I started using this grinder when a friend lent it to me; she was still using it to make frozen peaches and applesauce for her twins but had enough saved up that she could do without it for about ten days. It is a gravity feeder type of grinder so it isn't as quick as something that's electric and there is no way to cook the foods you are grinding but if all you need is to turn fruits and vegetables into a puree then this is going to work out great. It is easy to clean but when I used blueberries and black globe grapes in it I had to really scrub to get the coloring off of the inside of it. It is dishwasher safe but because it wasn't mine I didn't want to risk having something break or having food get stuck to the inside of it when it was going through the rinse and drying cycle. I was able to make my own applesauce, grind up pears and peaches and cream corn with this but the skins from the corn really clogged the strainer holes so it needed to be cleaned every couple of minutes. If I ever had another child I would get one of these just for the convenience of having something to make fresh fruit puree. I also used this to make the puree that ended up being turned in to fruit leather snacks in the dehydrator and was really impressed with the consistency of the puree and how evenly it spread on the trays.



Omron Happy Baby Food Grinder

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